Test/Review Atomic Redster Edge GS/SL – Redster LT/ST

Test/Review Atomic Redster Edge GS/SL — Redster LT/ST

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These are four Atomic Race skis that cover the «low» end in this technically demanding category. They are the second and even the third line in the race range, but don’t be fooled by this fact. These are good skis and you will be surprised by how well they behave. They are the perfect match for those looking for a Race ski, but still don’t have all the technical abilities and are on the way to achieve them. In this first classification, the first two are the second step in the range and the last two are the third:

  • Atomic Redster Edge GS
  • Atomic Redster Edge SL
  • Atomic Redster LT
  • Atomic Redster ST


Atomic Redster Edge GS © ATOMIC Austria GmbH

Atomic Redster Edge GS
© ATOMIC Austria GmbH

Atomic Redster Edge SL © ATOMIC Austria GmbH

Atomic Redster Edge SL
© ATOMIC Austria GmbH

Atomic Redster LT  © ATOMIC Austria GmbH

Atomic Redster LT
© ATOMIC Austria GmbH

Atomic Redster ST © ATOMIC Austria GmbH

Atomic Redster ST
© ATOMIC Austria GmbH


If we draw a line crossing the whole Atomic Race range following the long turn premise we find the following steps from top to bottom:


And if we draw it following the short turn premise it is as follows:


If we compare the first trio, we’ll find significant differences. The most noticeable one is the weight. It’s almost 1kg (approx. 2 pounds). There is no Doubledeck in the Redster Edge GS nor in the Redster LT. And the two titanium layers disappear in the LT. As it is obvious, they also get thinner. The shape widens as we scale down since wider skis are easier to control when skiing them flat. All three skis have the long and medium radius turns in mind. The major difference can be found in their response. Smoother reactions, easier to control, less speed demand and more comfort are their main characteristics, and they’re positively increased as we scale down the line.

Most of the above explanation applies to the second trio. There are differences though, such as the reaction liveness, which is higher by default. As it also happens in the long turn models, the inner bits are different. Skis get thinner, lighter and their construction materials change depending on the users future demand.

These four models complete the Atomic Race range and offer the possibility of skiing a racing style ski to everyone. It’s not necessary to have high skiing skills or a specific physical preparation in order to glide on a ski with a racing touch.

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My name is Albert and I am from Barcelona. I started skiing when I was 10. At the age of 32 I started this project called Ski Reviewer after having been professionally involved into the skiing world since 1999. I started from the bottom but after several years of dedication and hard training I achieved the official Ski Instructor Certification (ISIA certified) in 2006 at ETEVA. From then on I spent several seasons as an instructor as well as a kid's trainer in the local club. I was also a member at the core team in the ski resort for racing and events management. That period ended on 2011 and now on 2014 I've started Ski Reviewer.


2 comments on “Test/Review Atomic Redster Edge GS/SL – Redster LT/ST

  1. Dave says:

    Gday Albert, thanks, you pretty much confirmed what I thought. The Atomic Redster Edge SL is the one I will buy. The Doubledeck is unneccessary. Cheers Dave

  2. Rainer Kurtz says:

    Super categorization of Atomic.
    Thanks a lot.

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