Test / Review Ski Fischer RC4 Superior SC

Test / Review Ski Fischer RC4 Superior SC

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The Fischer RC4 Superior SC is the second line Slalom ski in the Racing range at Fischer. It is obviously inspired by its brother the RC4 Worldcup SC yet with a different profile in many senses. Willing to offer a similar experience as in the Worldcup model while being at the same time more accessible and forgivable, Fischer has brought the Fischer RC4 Superior SC as a proper answer.

The profile is slightly narrower compared to the Worlcup model. A shovel of 120 mm gives path to a 67 mm wide waist, followed by a 100 mm tail. As a result, at 165 cm in length the Fischer RC4 Superior SC gives us a 14 m radius. The size offering starts at just 150 cm, which is quite short and ends at 170 cm.

Fischer RC4 Superior SC © Fischer Sports GmbH

Fischer RC4 Superior SC
© Fischer Sports GmbH

As of technologies, Fischer is using, like in their superior models, a sandwich construction consisting in a woodcore, metal layer cover, synthetic fiber and sintered base for the bottom layer. The main differences are found in the woodcore distribution, metal layer thickness, fiber use and last but not least the binding-plate interface.

The Fischer RC4 Superior SC uses the Powerrail system as the binding-plate interface. It is one of the simplest plate interfaces yet effective, comfortable to adjust with, no tools needed to operate, and thought for a tough use. This plate allows the free flex movement of the ski when pushed, using a clever system of two fix screws and three more pairs that slide through pre-drilled rails at the front and rear.

Unlike the Worldcup model, the Fischer RC4 Superior SC incorporates the On-Piste Rocker Technology. A small portion behind the tip of the ski is slightly bend upwards. When flat, there is no noticeable benefit, but once we incline the ski it is easier to turn engaging the edge sooner. This is a good reason to choose one of these skis if we are unexperienced skiers and we are tackling this type of gear for the first time.

So the Fischer RC4 Superior SC is one of those Race skis that make the Race experience very accessible for the general public. For those looking for a not very demanding Race ski and loving to feel the Slalom adrenaline rush, this ski can be the one.

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One comment on “Test / Review Ski Fischer RC4 Superior SC

  1. Paul says:

    Fischer Superior Pro – 180cm. Damp Damp Damp. Smooth… and boring – until you remember how fast you are going. This ski has Serious Grip which may be hard to slide in and out of turns in dense snow. Potential for Master GS here.

    Fischer RC4 Worldcup RC – 170cm. This ski skied with more feel than the Superior Pro and was great in 15-19 meter arcs; very quick and a bit looser and hence, more lively feel. This is a Truly Great Ski with probably a bit better damping than the justifiably venerable RC PRO from a few years ago.

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