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As for this next 2014-2015 season, the Vist Super Front Tre has been superseded by the new Vist Race SL. You can find the Test / Review for this model here.

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The Vist Super Front Tre is quite probably the best SL ski available today. Yes. Straightforward. I have no problem by saying this. I can be wrong since I haven’t tested all available SL skis from this season. However, I’ve been skiing for several seasons, and I have done it on many, many SL skis. None, absolutely none, of those are as good as the Vist Super Front Tre. The only one that can be put somewhere near the SF3 is its cousin, the Nava SL. I haven’t found an SL from Rossignol, nor Dynastar, nor Atomic, nor Fischer (to name the ones I’ve owned) that are similar to it. The only common characteristic among them is that they are all SL skis.


Vist Super Front Tre - © Vist

Vist Super Front Tre – © Vist

The Vist Super Front Tre is a lively ski that will make us feel alive. Every single moment we are skiing on it becomes a celebration of life. It feels light, although its weight is around 7.5kg at 165cm length. (I couldn’t weigh it but the Nava I mentioned before has a very similar construction and sidecut. Therefore, they are quite similar in this aspect). Riding on this pair of skis is incredible. It is amazingly easy to move from side to side. Unbelievable. It is also a precision tool. It not only transmits crystal clear what’s happening beneath our feet, but it also obeys with diligence.

The edge shifting can be accomplished within the blink of an eye. One can link turns at a fast pace without even thinking of it. Curiously, it allows us to make some mistakes. It also has a wonderful tail that doesn’t weigh a ton nor is a catapult, either. When skiing precisely and on the edge, it has the right rebound, just the amount needed to push us inside the next turn effortlessly. At the same time, it allows nice and long tail slides without worries nor praying for them to happen inadvertedly.

Some 'tough' Vist testing - © SkiReviewer

Some ‘tough’ Vist testing – © SkiReviewer

The shovel gets into all the turns at will, but unlike others, it enables a certain sliding degree. This is not a very common behavior in today’s SL, general public targeted skis. The excellent weight distribution, the studied profile and of course, the flat ramp plate systems used by Vist, add up to the unique capacity of the Super Front Tre.

As it can be read in the General conclusions of the Vist Tests, this manufacturer also builds a fantastic series of plates+binding systems. One key feature is that once the boot is inserted to the binding, its sole reamins flat in relation to the skis’ sole, providing a more neutral behaviour. Other brands choose designs that offer a small forward ramp.

Being it the best SL ski I have ever tested is not the only surprise. It also shows good manners in medium radius turns. It is spectacular. Any skier willing to live a unique experience and particularly those who are in love with the short turns, have in the Vist Super Front Tre their best option. There is nothing better.


Technical Specifications

Length (cm) 165 158
Tip (mm) 117 116
Waist (mm) 65 66
Tail (mm) 101 101
Radius (m) 13 12.5

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  1. Max says:

    Hi Albert, I have the opportunity to purchase a pair of good as new superfront tre, I already own a FIS SL for racing. In your view how does the Vist compare to FIS SL skis?

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