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SEASON  2014-2015  UPDATE

As for this next 2014-2015 season, the Vist Super Front Two has been discontinued. Take a look at the new Vist Collection by clicking here


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The Vist Super Front Two is one of the two general public oriented GS skis from Vist. However, we should keep in mind this is a fast, powerful, racing ski. It’s got an excellent medium radius turn with an unbelievable clean cut feel (a bit thin, though). On the edge, it transmits a very pleasant sensation of control and precision. Again, in wide open turns the sensations are the same as in the medium turns. Even though is not as fast as the old GS model, the stability is the same.

Vist Super Front Two - © Vist

Vist Super Front Two – © Vist


The Vist Super Front Two ‘s reactivity is quite controllable. In fact, you have to push it beyond what’s reasonable to make it launch you in the air. That’s why you can turn in aggressively in all turns at high speeds without unnecessary worries. Trusting what you have beneath your feet is essential, specially at high speeds.

In this model, the surprise comes in the short turns. It’s incredible. What can be achieved rounding the turns with this Race Carver is beyond any logic. When someone is browsing a skis catalogue and gets to the Race Carver’s section, he knows (or at least should know) it is the long and wide turns skis section. And those are relatives of the authentic GS skis. Therefore, no one expects these models to be very agile in the short turns. As soon as those kind of maneuvers are required, everyone expects them to slide sideways, specially the tail. This is not the case. As said before: with Vist, you name it, you have it. The Vist Super Front Two is a pure Race Carver with a short turn behaviour as decent as the one you may find in an SL ski.

Some 'tough' Vist testing - © SkiReviewer

Some ‘tough’ Vist testing – © SkiReviewer

Thanks to these features, the Vist Super Front Two can be a good candidate when choosing an only-one ski for those sporty skiers who like to feel that race touch all the time, but don’t want to be limited to one kind of turns. Besides, depending on the size chosen, the ski will have a more Giant Slalom character in the longer sizes or more SL behaviour in the shorter ones.

Aesthetically, it follows the pattern started by Vist a few seasons ago. Flat color, broken by a central line from top to bottom which draws a series of vertical lines that provide a retro, elegant Italian style to it. The brand’s name decorates the tip and the model’s name goes on the tail. Vist skis are some of the most beautiful, although a bit sober, skis in the market today.


Technical Specifications

Length (cm) 174 167 158 152
Tip (mm) 116 116 116 116
Waist (mm)   66   66   66   66
Tail (mm) 101 101 101 101
Radius (m)   16.5   14   12.5   10.5

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