Test / Review Nordica Dobermann GSR EVO EDT + N PRO X-Cell EVO

Test / Review Nordica Dobermann GSR EVO EDT + N PRO X-Cell EVO

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What is the Nordica Dobermann GSR EDT-N Pro Evo? It is… a ski. It is a Giant Slalom ski for the masses. That is to say it isn’t a real GS ski. But it is one adapted to the general public. As it’s twin brother the GSR EDT-N Power Evo it features everything but the binding release scale. The only difference between the two is that in the Power model the release scale climbs up to 14 where the Pro «just» stays at 12. Trust me when I say most of skiers out there will have enough ski under their feet if they choose the Pro.

Nordica Dobermann GSR EVO EDT + N PRO X-Cell EVO © Nordica – Tecnica Group S.P.A.

Nordica Dobermann GSR EVO EDT + N PRO X-Cell EVO
© Nordica – Tecnica Group S.P.A.

Now… if the only difference falls into the binding, let’s take a look at it. The Nordica Dobermann GSR EDT-N Pro Evo and the Nordica Dobermann GSR EDT-N Power Evo both make use of the N-Pro X Evo and the N-Power X Evo binding systems respectively. In fact they are Marker bindings, a more than sound manufacturer. Many skis brands use Marker products and some of the most advanced products in this field com from them.

To understand what features do the bindings in the Nordica Dobermann GSR EDT-N Pro Evo and Power Evo models have one must take a look at the Marker Performance Series, specifically to the 12.0 Glide Control D-System. As it stands out Marker has prepared some different specifications for these skis. The Pro model has the standard model but the Power has a tweaked model with the release top scale at 14 instead of 12. This binding features some of the best technologies at Marker such as the Glide Control System remarkable for its easy adjutsment, the Triple Pivot Point (Comfort Toe version) for the lateral and vertical release possible directions, the Compact Heel known for its good performance and the I.Roc Compatible system for Dalbello boots.

So, if you really want to know what’s about the Nordica Dobermann GSR EDT-N Pro Evo just take a look at it’s brother model review since they are identical in their construction. They feature the same technologies, the same profile, the same length offerings and even the same identical sytle. So click on this link and you’ll get the full review.

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