About SkiReviewer


SkiReviewer is a site for skiers. And that means quite a lot of things. To mention a few, the topics to tackle in the following months are:


  • Gear – Mainly skis of the current season. At SkiReviewer, our intention is to review the gear not only independently but also from a new perspective.

  • Technique – This is a hot spot and many skiers are willing to improve their technique because that way their enjoyment will grow. At SkiReviewer you’ll find articles as well as short but helpful tips.

  • Policy and Economics of the Ski industry – Apart from the fancy areas in the industry such as nice resorts to visit, or the latest gizmo, there is an intriguing backstage. At SkiReviewer we’ll speak about that too.

  • Car tips – Anyone who has spent enough time in a cold climate knows why you shouldn’t use the handbrake to park your car, why the screenwipers have to be left up while it is snowing, etc Here at SkiReviewer you’ll find easy and useful tips and guidelines.

  • Resorts and Places for skiing – In the future we will visit nice and big ski resorts. And some little nice and unknown jewels hidden in the Pyrenees as well as the Alps.

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