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In skiing, just like in sailing, there are many trends to join. As it happens with fashion, we can choose between profiles. We can dress with any clothes we may find or sail with any kind of boat we desire. But we won’t be seen the same way and we won’t navigate through the water the same way either.

The variety of profiles in which skis have been divided nowadays has become a bit of a rough sea. On the positive side we find out that today’s skis are great. They are really good. In their own field, some skis can really shine in an unprecedented way. The toll for this magnificence is choosing between those completely different profiles. The more variety we have the more doubts we may find when choosing. That’s the way it is. So this is the reason behind this “all types of skis” guide.

Next, you will find a short list of the main profiles with a short explanation of each one. The description may not be precisely equal to what you may find in other media but you will find that, in general, the main characteristics are similar or equal.


Types of skis:

 All Rounders / All Mountain Skis

Types of ski - All Mountain Skis - SkiReviewer

Fat Skis

Types of ski - Fat Skis - SkiReviewer

Freestyle Skis

Types of ski - Freestyle Skis - SkiReviewer

Junior Skis

Types of ski - Junior Skis - SkiReviewer

Race Skis

Types of ski - Race Skis - SkiReviewer


Woman Skis

Types of ski - Woman Skis - SkiReviewer


SkiReviewer’s Buying Skis Guide


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4.- Types of Skis – Explained one by one

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6.- The Skier’s Height and Weight – And some other important considerations

7.- Ski Size Chart – Which size to choose depending on your height, weight and the type of ski. All in one chart

8.- The Ski Size Chart explained – Tips and ideas for choosing the right ski at first sight


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