Sailing the Ski Gear’s Ocean


Everybody knows how difficult is to find the equipment that fits our needs when developing any activity. It happens in professional and amateur environments. Making the right decision without any qualified advise can be a funny process and you can even learn a lot from it. But it can also turn into a nightmare when we try to get it done quickly. That becomes apparent when we practice that activity just for having fun.

In the case of ski gear, one has to consider not only the equipment but also make an objective assessment of himself. Quite often, we value our needs or knowledge (theoretical or practical) higher than they really are. Sometimes they just happen to be the opposite. Therefore, the first two essential and useful tips to successfully sail through the ski gear’s ocean are:


  • We must analyze how we ski, how many days per season, what kind of snow we usually find in our favourite destinations, what’s our personal taste in relation to the technique, terrain and speed. In short: how we like to ski.
  • Ask a professional. Ask a ski instructor that also works in a shop, or ask a shop dealer. They can make us think about the ideas explained above without having the feeling of being lost. We must be sincere and open minded in order to have the best guidance. Keep in mind we will always be advised on behalf of our own answers. Therefore, it is necessary, I’d rather say vital, to be fair and avoid any over or undervaluation of our skills. Good questions often lead to good answers, so don’t be worried too much about this.


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