The skier’s height and weight


When choosing the skis height, the skier’s height and weight must be our main reference points. One of these two parameters can make the difference above the other, specially weight. Depending on our weight, we will bend our ski more or less because we will generate greater or smaller inertia while skiing.

Maybe we are tall and thin. But perhaps so thin that our weight could easily be someone else’s ideal weight, although that person is much shorter than us. This can mean that, even if we should wear an specific skis height because of our body length, our weight indicates a lower mark, being that guy’s same mark. And this new, more suitable mark can be lower than our original “skis height” mark.

The opposite may easily happen too, when being a heavier skier. It is only interesting to increase the size if the difference from the reference point is quite remarkable. Keep in mind that a longer ski can become a less maneuverable one. And here comes the physical aspect. Maybe one is a heavier skier, but a short size is great for us because our physical condition is low or non-existent. However, if we are heavy but also in good shape, it can be interesting for us going for the next size if our skills allow us to.

We must consider the combination of these factors and also think objectively about our taste, habits and capabilities. This thinking process will be really helpful in making the right choice. However, all this is a blind election if we haven’t had the chance to do some testing to understand what’s what. Fortunately, skis from every range behave very differently when changing brand. At the end of the day, the consumer has a wide array of variety to choose from, and that’s always good. Sure you will find something for you.

A good starting point is having a look at this Skis Size Chart at SkiReviewer.


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