Buying Skis Guide – Introduction


The SkiReviewer Buying Skis Guide is a collection of basic and simple tips put into a series of articles in order to make easier to choose the right ski. It does not pretend to be the definitive compilation, but the idea is to give the reader some useful guidelines. This is the reason why the whole text has been divided into several parts. Each one of them is dedicated to a single key aspect that will require our attention at some degree when we taking the final decision.

These considerations should become the foundation on which to make a proper choice of one model over another. But I’d like to encourage you on the need to take into account our own personal taste. Also notice we shouldn’t consider other people’s experiences too seriously. They can be very useful, but at the same time they may not cover our expectations or needs. If our criteria when choosing our clothing -or the car to buy- is very diverse, choosing a pair of skis shouldn’t be different. Therefore, the last decision is strictly a personal matter.

I do not recommend anyone reading all the chapters at once. It is quite a lot information. Also, when reading again some parts after some time, new shades and ideas will appear. The skier is an animal in a constant evolution. Skiing provides us new ideas, new sensations. With them, a good portion of what we knew until that exact moment evolves and that process can even shake the foundations on which we had been standing for for some time. Also, we will be writting new versions of this Buying Skis Guide to add new features, more information, tips and ideas as well as to improve it.

These are the key points that will be discussed in the next chapters of the SkiReviewer’s Buying Skis Guide:


SkiReviewer’s Buying Skis Guide


1.- Sailing the Ski’s Gear Ocean – An introduction to variety

2.- To Buy Skis or To Rent Skis? – How worth is to own your skiing gear

3.- All Types of Skis Quick Guide

4.- Types of Skis – Explained one by one

5.- The Skiing Terrain – The conditions of the snow, terrain and weather can vary a lot even in the same country

6.- The Skier’s Height and Weight – And some other important considerations

7.- Ski Size Chart – Which size to choose depending on your height, weight and the type of ski. All in one chart

8.- The Ski Size Chart explained – Tips and ideas for choosing the right ski at first sight


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