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UPDATE  SEASON  2014-2015:

For this next season 2014-2015, the Atomic Redster Doubledeck SL has evolved completely. The sidecut and therefore the mold it was built from have changed. So we are talking about a complete new model. Please click on the following link to read our Test / Review for the new Atomic Redster Doubledeck 3.0 SL.


Mini Atomic - SkiReviewer

The Atomic Redster Doubledeck SL is a serious candidate to be considered one of the easiest slalom skis in the market today. The kind of ease in which it lets us take good angles regardless of the snow, and get out of them without a hassle. This makes it a very attractive option for those skiers with a sporty taste but unwilling to tackle the difficulties inherent to those skis with less carved shapes, such as the GS models.

© ATOMIC Austria GmbH

© ATOMIC Austria GmbH

The Atomic Redster Doubledeck SL can be skied in a wide variety of radius, but it is also an honest ski. It lets you know quickly that it performs better in the short and very short turns. The fist run I took on them was in a red (European scale) slope, relatively easy but it was very icy. Descending with the upper body pointing at the valley while moving the legs from side to side and literally holding from the edge in every turn, I could clearly feel how the ski held and adapted to the terrain. This let me achieve a great amount of control of what was going on beneath my feet. And yes, it is fair to say this may happen in almost every SL ski out there, but not all of them will let you do that so relaxed (as relaxed as skiing fast while short turning can be).

In order to use the Atomic Redster Doubledeck SL in other radius different from the SL turns it is meant for, inclining less and choosing a higher as well as less sporty position will suffice. Adjusting the applied preassure with light movements will do so too, and in response we will achieve more opened radius turns. To purists, specially those with great mileage, this may be considered an outrageous feature. But those looking for an easy, roundy and a bit sporty ski, will feel very happy on the Atomic Redster Doubledeck SL.

© ATOMIC Austria GmbH

© ATOMIC Austria GmbH

Being an SL ski, it is expected to have a considerable reactivity. Again, it has, but not as much for its amplitude as for its frequency. If we bend it a lot, the bounce will be lively but not as straightforward and dry as in other SL skis. This will become more evident if we haven’t pushed it hard, and therefore it’s just been slightly bent. Although it is an SL, we will even describe it as “sweet”. This aspect will allow us to ski bump lines or irregular terrain with little worries, being them exclusively not exceeding certain limits, specially speed related. If we respect them, we will enjoy comfortable descents on irregular surfaces and will just go through those “more compromised” moments not thinking the ski may interfere our run badly. I did one run over spring melted snow and they were delightful skis. I was able to draw SL turns with my bottom very close to the ground, smoothly and under control.

From my point of view, the Atomic Redster Doubledeck SL looks of this 13-14 season are better compared to the past models, although it is still very ornate. Specially the yellow notes over the bindings that, if we still hadn’t been dazzled by the lipstick-red that decorates the Race range, helps catching our eye. This is one of those skis that go out there and shout at everyone: look at me!, look at me!, look at me!.

The conclusion is this is an excellent, well balanced, polyvalent ski (if an SL can be considered somewhat polyvalent). Or better said, it is an easy ski to show up. Those liking to spend all day short turning will be delighted. Those racing in an amateur environment will of course be delighted too. Those willing a multipurpose, polyvalent ski have a better and excellent option in its range brother, the Atomic Redster Doubledeck GS (much, much more polyvalent at the cost of being just slightly more demanding).


Technical Specifications

Length (cm) 170 165 160 155
Tip (mm) 124.5 123 123 122.5
Waist (mm)   67   67   67   67
Tail (mm) 109 107.5 105.5 104.5
Radius (m)   12   11.5   11   10.5

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