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Each individual Völkl Race Ski will be reviewed very soon -just in a few days- here at SkiReviewer

Volkl Race Mini - SkiReviewer


The Völkl Race range of 2014–2015 is as the brand´s character. Sober, direct, precise and a bit harsh sometimes. Yes, harsh. Have you seen what names does Völkl use in their Race line? Race, tiger, speed, wall. Scary, isn´t it?

Yes, Völkl skis -at least some of them, specially the Race ones- are known to be strong, stiff skis. And sure some of them are. Others not that much. But you know, fame sometimes goes first and rumours fly faster than real facts. Speaking about facts, this next season the Race line incorporates the UVO technology. Who the hell was behind this thing? Who? Come on, raise your hand, nobody´s watching… More on this later, now let´s go for the skis.

Völkl Race collection for 2014–2015 is as follows:

  • Völkl Racetiger Speedwall GS UVO

  • Völkl Racetiger Speedwall SL UVO

  • Völkl Racetiger RC UVO Neon-Organge

  • Völkl Racetiger RC UVO Red

  • Völkl Racetiger SC UVO White

  • Völkl Racetiger SC UVO Black


So four models. Can you count with me?

The Speedwall GS is as its name says, a GS-like ski for the general public. However, as you can read in its dedicated review, this is not an easy GS ski. It´s tough, heavy and only for die-hards. Then comes its brother / sister, the Speedwall SL. If you thought the GS was tough, this one is even tougher. You will soon discover how to fly through the air being proppelled without looking for it, not expecting it, and praying for a safety landing. Did I say harsh anywhere before?

Now, the Racetiger RC and the Racetiger SC are in fact the step below the GS and the SL respectively. Although they look pretty much similar on paper, they aren´t. As I have just said, they are the softened and necessary friendly faces in the Völkl Race family.

 All that said, just a quick list and explanation about Völkl´s Race technologies:


As some other brands like Blizzard or Nordica, Völkl uses Marker interfaces and bindings. So the same said in those other articles does also apply here.

The evil people at SkiReviewer can think of a couple other effects by Vibration Systems than UVO's.

The evil people at SkiReviewer can think of a couple of other effects made by Vibration Systems which are not UVOs.
Photo – © Marker Völkl International GmbH

  • UVO. Let´s put it straight forward. Völkl states this is an antivibration system that absorbs and diminish their negative effects. But this is actually not the case. At least they´ve been brave enough to include it on their FIS approved models. The people at Völkl have the balls to believe in what they believe. Others just don´t. And yes, they´ve got sense of humor. Look at the name of this thing: Ultimate Vibration Object. Isn´t that funny?

  • Tip radius. The ski has a tip. And the tip has a “radius”. Clear, huh?

  • Tip rocker. More rocker. The last new word in the ski industry. It just consists on the tip being lifted from the ground a bit more than usual but not very much because these range is the race one and this has never been very adequate for this type of skis.

Volkl Race Tip Rocker - SkiReviewer

© Marker Völkl International GmbH

  • 2 Layers of Titanal. This time they´ve nailed it!

  • World Cup PC Interface. The Markers plate for real racing skis. A very good plate. A real racing plate. Four subjection points, two of them being floating screws to allow free ski flex. Marker is the manufacturer, so as it´s been shown in other brands it has also a step underneath its back so it leaves an empty space between itsef and the ski. This leaves room for the ski to freely bend when pushed hard. The only problem with this plate is the piston. Completely useless, silly and ugly.

  • P-Tex 4500. An industrial component used here for the skis sole. A very good one, very porous so there is more room for the wax. For optimal glide. But please, wax it regularly and maintain it as if your life depended on it.

  • Speedwall. An inclined sidewall on the skis… sidewall. Probably made on phenol and covered with ABS plastic or something regular in the skiing industry. It´s not a technology though. It´s… you have to cover that anyway so… put some plastic on it, name it as fancy as you can and… voilá!


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