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Blizzard Race Mini - SkiReviewer

With Blizzard I had similar little success as I had with Völkl. However, their attitude was much more friendly as well as open minded. I just could test one pair. This time it was an All Round high performance On Piste model.

They insisted in two ideas on that Blizzard ski: the first one was the use of three thin titanal layers in its construction. One placed just after the sole material, another on the top and a third one just below the binding area. The second idea was intended to reflect the product’s behavior due to the Full Suspension system. In the tested model, it consisted in two separate systems working together. A piston inside a cylinder acting as an absorber and the “Booster”, which is like a reinforce arm on top of the ski surface, from half of the binding to the middle of the tail and also half the way to the tip. This reinforce arm (looks like it’s built on carbon fiber) is splitted in two as described, and it is connected in the ski’s center (just underneath the foot) to the piston. The reasoning from the manufacturer perspective is the arms transmit the vibrations and the ski deformation when pushed, directly into the piston, which itself pushes a fluid inside the cylinder. This fluid offers some resistance and the system is supposed to regulate and smooth away the skis reaction.


Blizzard Ski Full Suspension 2013-2014-SkiReviewer

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The tested model fits in the All Round high performance category, and fulfills perfectly what anyone may expect. It’s been designed with the general public in mind. But it is obviously a ski for those with high skills and high proficiency demands.

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