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Test/Review Atomic Redster Edge GS/SL – Redster LT/ST

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These are four Atomic Race skis that cover the «low» end in this technically demanding category. They are the second and even the third line in the race range, but don’t be fooled by this fact. These are good skis and you will be surprised by how well they behave. They are the perfect match for those looking for a Race ski, but still don’t have all the technical abilities and are on the way to achieve them. In this first classification, the first two are the second step in the range and the last two are the third:

  • Atomic Redster Edge GS
  • Atomic Redster Edge SL
  • Atomic Redster LT
  • Atomic Redster ST


Atomic Redster Edge GS © ATOMIC Austria GmbH

Atomic Redster Edge GS
© ATOMIC Austria GmbH

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