Test / Review Ski Vist Super Mountain One

Test / Review Ski Vist Super Mountain One

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The Vist Super Mountain One is one of the greatest multipurpose skis in the market. It is the easiest and most comfortable ski in the Vist range. But don’t be fooled because of that behaviour. The SMOne has some hidden surprises for us. Would you like to spend some time skiing with your son in a nice and easy slope? You’ll be fine with the Vist Super Mountain One. Do you want to be able to follow that ski instructor recommended by a friend while he rides from one place to another at the speed of light? Bring the SMOne with you. Have you found a nice and narrow zip line of bumps? With the Vist Super Mountain One, a piece of cake. Would you like to train a bit your side-sliding skills? Yep, you guessed it. As you’ve seen, here is back again the Vist’s version of “you want it, you have it”.


Vist Super Mountain One - © Vist

Vist Super Mountain One – © Vist


Last winter’s season (2012-2013), I tested the newest Vist Super Mountain One with the ‘Italia’ style and the Speed-Lock Pro Light Front Step plate in alumnium, instead of the older Quick Lock. This season, we will find this model in both combinations. The Speed-Lock Pro plate will suit best the sporty skiers, while the Quick Lock will be enough for those looking for a relaxed, easy and comfortable ski approach.

The arrival of this plate to the category makes the Vist Super Mountain One a better ski, more natural when turning at high speeds. And it also busts a myth. A pro plate does not necessarily transform a ski into a tougher one. This plate, with its floating screws, allows for a more progressive and natural flexion along the ski. When starting a turn, you feel more connected to the tip. When pressing it, specially in the middle of a turn, it transmits a solid and better terrain adaptation compared to the previous season’s model. The sense of knowing which part of the turn we are in improves dramatically. That said, to notice these advantages we must spend many hours skiing and also like speed. If we are not able to generate enough intertia, it doesn’t make any sense to use a modern plate like the Speed-Lock Pro. Instead, the Quick Lock will be enough for us.

Some 'tough' Vist testing - © SkiReviewer

Some ‘tough’ Vist testing – © SkiReviewer

Now, let me mention something with no apparent relation to this. Working as a ski patrol involves skiing many hours with different kinds of snow and skiing techniques. That often includes giving the gear a quite hard treatment, which can be easily seen on the surface. But if there were ski patrollers dressed for cocktail, they would wear a Vist Super Mountain One in their feet. It is not only a comfortable ski to use and you’ll never feel it heavy. Its capabilities fulfill all the needs of a complete skier such as a patroller, someone who tackles all kind of terrains and circumstances. This is a clear sign of polyvalence.

Aesthetically, as it happens with the rest of the Vist range, someone doesn’t just wears a Vist. You’re dressed with it. With the Vist Super Mountain One, we can choose between a nice excellent collection. Following the master lines established a few seasons ago, all models are decorated with three vertical lines and the brand’s name on the shovel and the model’s name located on the tail.

The ABS plastic plate is another remarkable detail. It has some sort of carved shape over it. Depending on the angle of the light above it, we will discover that shape is the brand’s name, perfectly engraved on the plastic cover. And it covers all the ski’s length. This is another nice detail that makes the Vist skis so special.


Technical Specifications

Length (cm)178170162154146
Tip (mm)123123123123123
Waist (mm) 71 71 71 71 71
Tail (mm)105105105105105
Radius (m) 18.5 17 15.5 14 12

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