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The Völkl Racetiger RC UVO is the third ski in the Racetiger Volkl’s range. The other two are a Slalom oriented ski, the Racetiger Speedwall SL UVO, and a Giant Slalom one, the Völkl Racetiger Speewall GS UVO. Since both of those profiles are quite specific, the RC UVO just falls in between, as its brother the Völkl Racetiger SC UVO.

Völkl Racetiger RC UVO - Orange © Marker Völkl International GmbH

Völkl Racetiger RC UVO – Orange
© Marker Völkl International GmbH

The Völkl Racetiger RC UVO is offered in four different lengths, from 160 cm to 175 cm, stopping at every 5 cm for each size. The two shortest ones will show a natural short turn tendency, and the longest ones will cover a wider range of turns. You will ski quite fast with the long sizes, but be aware that real high speed is not their main focus. The shape is slightly narrow but is also a bit wide, specially under the foot with a 72 mm waist. The widest part of the shovel goes up to the 122 mm in the shortest model and 119 in all the rest, and the tail closes the body shape at 105 mm in the 160 cm offer, but up to 101 mm in the others.

The Völkl Racetiger RC UVO is one of those skis designed for “everything racy” in mind. And that is usually a problem for the most demanding users. One cannot expect one pair of skis to excellently perform on everything. That said, there are many more users that do prefer a profile able to tackle most of their needs assuming a very little compromise. Being a very good performer, the Völkl Racetiger RC UVO will satisfy most of those users. One thing must be kept in mind though. The tail is quite narrow and has a very racy touch. That will show up anytime you pretend to slide the tail in a “wedeln style” fashion or in the bumps if your technique is not really good. It is not really a problem but if a critique can be made this is it, although quite often this kind of “issues” are easily solved developing good skiing skills.

Völkl Racetiger RC UVO - White-Red © Marker Völkl International GmbH

Völkl Racetiger RC UVO – White-Red
© Marker Völkl International GmbH

The binding and plate interface for the Völkl Racetiger RC UVO comes from the well reputed manufacturer Marker. The Xmotion 12.0 TCX D is the chosen piece for this pair, but you won’t find it in Marker’s catalog. These bindings are designed in a partnership between the two brands. As in any other top class ski, this interface allows a nice range of movement for the ski to bend under high pressure so there is no interference in the transmission. It has all the goodies from Marker, such as the Triple Pivot Technology, the Intelligent Backward Release (Marker’s distinguishable sign), just to mention a couple of the disposables.

At this point, you may be asking what is really like to ski the Völkl Racetiger RC UVO and specially how it compares to its brother the SC UVO. The Völkl Racetiger RC UVO is basically a downgraded Speedwall GS in all senses. It pretends to be a racy ski focused in wide open turns. And the SC UVO is basically a Slalom experience in the whole range except in the 175 cm, where both skis are pretty much the same. The RC offers more maneuverability for those used to long turns, since the tip doesn’t bite as much as others. It is a stable ski and it feels so, granted by that 72 mm waist that will help us in many occasions. All in all, the Völkl Racetiger RC UVO is a very good option for those looking for a nice and easy on piste long turn choice without all the hassles from the Giant Slalom options in the market.


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