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Testing Völkl wasn’t easy. After some arguing, I managed to get one pair to test. It’s really a pitty not having been able to test more skis from this manufacturer, because the tested model has a quite different phylosophy from what you may find in other brands. This could not only be a unique aspect but also a sales pitch, too. Customers love variety. And Völkl follows that unwritten rule, at least with this model. They wanted to do something different, and they just did it. Just for this reason, it would be interesting to have more Völkl models tested at SkiReviewer.

When I had the Völkl Racetiger Speedwall GS on my hands, I suddenly realised it wasn’t a GS ski built for the general public in the same way as other brands intent to. For a moment, the sensation was similar to what any petrolhead experiences when a Lamborghini Aventador passes by. A combination of surprise, admiration and fear. Yes, fear. Fear of the uncertainty. The waist thickness, the superb finishing, the deep red color, the words (race, tiger, speed, wall, Giant Slalom) suggested an unexpected as well as exciting test.

Since I just tested one modeI, I cannot extend this chapter any further. I will finish by saying I was very surprised, satisfied and willing for some more. It is really a shame not having tested more models, because what the brand says is really what you get.

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