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This season’s Stöckli Spirit Globe can be defined as a GT Cruiser for sybarites. Last year we said the same and now we say it again. It is one of the most obedient skis we’ve ever tested. But don’t be fooled, while being easy and trusty, this one is for high skilled practicioners. Saying otherwise would be misleading.

Even though it does not incorporate any interface raising the boot’s sole in relation to the ski’s bottom, this is an incredibly easy to drive ski on the edges. The pleasure is immediate. It’s like if our eyes were about to close the same way as when taking our favourite candy. The Stöckli Spirit Globe has barely changed. The same mold, the same technologies and the same nice behavior. There are some cosmetic changes that will be discussed later in this review, but the overall feeling is that Stöckli knows that some of their models are still almost unbeatable. Obviously, they stick to their proven weapons.

Stöckli Spirit Globe - © Stöckli Swiss Sports AG

Stöckli Spirit Globe
© Stöckli Swiss Sports AG

Sharp cut turns are easily chained one after the other effortlessly. We will also be able to slide this ski at will, in steered turns or practising the classic wedeln. We’ll never get a wrong answer even if we are not aplying an accurate technique. This model will forgive some distractions.

The natural radius of the Stöckli Spirit Globe is short and medium-short. Its behavior is not bad when turning widely. If we let it go, we can achieve quite decent speeds while not being a ski designed for going very fast. However, its natural tendency is shorting the turn. Because of its sparse reactivity, we won’t fear those very steep icy (marble style) runs anymore. This ski will help us sewing them with our turns without compromise. This is the reason why we can face bumps easily, since it won’t launch us upwards (or even worst, backwards) if our absorption hasn’t been appropriate or the speed is too high for the terrain.

We will enjoy relaxing runs whenever we wish to. But it will always be there when we feel the need for some sporty games, totally safe.

© Stöckli Swiss Sports AG

© Stöckli Swiss Sports AG

Leaving the ease of use aside, the most outstanding feature is its comfortability. These are the strong points of the Stöckli Spirit Globe. And we need to add a third one, an old demand by a large number of skiers. This ski does not leave you tired. Of course, any sport activity requires an effort. But it’s not the same finishing the day with your legs enough fresh to go for a walk through the valley enjoying the landscape or shopping in the town, than not being able to do so because they are burning or in pain thanks to a very reactive, hard and difficult ski. This is the reason why the Stöckli Spirit Globe is an advisable ski for touristic purposes. It doesn’t resign to certain sportiness degree, but at the same time it doesn’t tire us excessively while providing a plus to our skiing experience.

If you liked last year’s design, you will love this next season’s looks. Elegance still abounds along this model. The central line has disappeared, the black color now shines and the brand’s name is bigger, as is the model’s name on the tail. It looks as serious as before, but now it may be even more appealing to anyone who sees it. The ski is simply gorgeous. As many other skis, this pair carry protections at the tip and tail, in particular the latter is made of metal with the series number engraved on it.


Technical Specifications

Length (cm) 176 170 164 158 152
Tip (mm) 120 120 120 120 120
Waist (mm)   72   72   72   72   72
Tail (mm) 103 103 103 103 103
Radius (m)   16.7   15.5   14.4   13.2   12.2

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