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When choosing a GS ski, the Stöckli Laser GS shouldn’t be discarded until the very end. If there’s a GS ski targeted for the general public that also fulfills all the main requirements of this category, this is it. From skiers who have never tried this kind of skis to ski instructors, trainers or tourists who enjoy a dynamic and powerful skiing, everybody will find a great behavior and a good compromise at every moment. Those who have been using a good GS ski for some time know it feels well fitted, ready to face all conditions. Not everyone knows this. And by the way, if anyone is really willing to improve his own skiing (and is already an advanced skier), the Stöckli Laser GS will help him a lot.

Stöckli Laser GS © Stöckli Swiss Sports AG

Stöckli Laser GS © Stöckli Swiss Sports AG

As it couldn’t be any other way, its behavior in open wide turns is excellent. The aplomb and stability become more and more apparent as we increase the speed. But if we are not doing it properly, it will protest. If we make a very bad turn, it’s possible to get into some trouble. But the small faults we may commit won’t be counted nor seriously taken. Because of this, it is a very advisable model for those willing to introduce themselves into the category. But don’t be fooled, choosing this model requires having some good skills, although it’s not necessary to be an expert.

Tina Maze © Stöckli Swiss Sports AG

Tina Maze © Stöckli Swiss Sports AG

Medium and long radius turns come easy to this ski. This is its favorite playing field. The tip slides into every turn. If the terrain is a bit lumpy, we will notice how it adapts progressively. The reactions are smooth. Some are even predictable after some runs. As it stands out, the short turns are not its strength and we won’t see its best face when doing them. However, we won’t encounter any remarkable difficulties because it slides comfortably. Thanks to its balance, the maneuverability is more than good, specially taking into account what type of ski this is.

Not being its favourite terrain, we can face bumps with no more worries than following the line. And yet, this is an easier task compared to what can be achieved with most SL skis. The good reactivity balance, the tip’s adaptation, the high maneuverability and its permissiveness when pivoting and sliding are favorable under these circumstances. And let me insist, all this is achieved while being able to ski at high speed safely, in wide long turns. Conclusion: the whole lot in one ski.

Sober, different and with a handmade look and feel. The Stöckli Laser GS has a sporty look without calling everyone’s attention like other skis, which look like if they were screaming: look at me! Look at me! Even though this model is painted in… red!

Its face hasn’t changed since the last season. The red color is the same and covers it from top to bottom. The chosen color and tone already warns us about what kind of ski this is. Once the GS tag is included in the tip and tail, it clearly stands out this is a ski for the battle. The general design is sober. The tip, painted in white and with the brand’s name in black and big letters, breaks it, giving some life to the piece. In the same area but much smaller, the “Swiss Made” mark is included as well as the word “Race”. As mentioned before, the black GS mark is included at the tip and closes the design by the tail in yellow. The word “Laser”, in black, decorates the tail area.


Technical Specifications

Length (cm) 185 180 175 170 165
Tip (mm) 115 115 115 115 115
Waist (mm)   68   68   68   68   68
Tail (mm)   96   96   96   96   96
Radius (m)   19.4   18.2   17.1   16.1   15.0

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  1. Lukas says:

    Good review. Great ski. I love them. Not so hard and difficult as Redster 3.0 GS. Maybe not so fast…but very stable.

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