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The new Vist R Rocker is an old friend with new looks and renewed energy. It is the successor of the brand´s race carver, the Super Front Four.

The Vist R Rocker is a great race carver. It is a ski designed for speed and it shows. But one of its main amazing factors is how it behaves when the snow conditions get ugly. On the hard pack, it is obviously a very good performant ski. However, it is also more than a good ally when things get nasty such as with crud snow or a more than a hand deep spring snow. It just sails above anything.

Vist R Rocker - Click to enlarge © Vist

Vist R Rocker – Click to enlarge
© Vist

In the long, wide, fast turns, it is a very stable ski, letting the skier start the turn at will. Getting out of a turn it is also a good experience, and it also allows some minor mistakes. The footprint feels solid under any circumstance although we should remind its race carver nature. Side sliding this ski is also easy and possible at almost any time. For example, it is possible to suddenly change our path in the middle of a fast, powerful turn. If nostalgia invades our mind for a few runs going back in time and practice some wedeln turns, that is also possible with no suffering. Quite the contrary, it will be a pleasant experience. This points do also score high if we like to ski through the bamps or on non-groomed terrain.

The Vist R Rocker is a ski that invites the skier to push harder at any turn. It is also a good compromise between different turn radius. It is obviously a ski designed for long and medium turns, but we can also perform good short ones with very little extra effort from our side. The tail will easily slide so we won´t suffer. However, at high speeds we will enjoy every moment and will be invited to go for more. In medium size turns at good speed, we will be simply delighted to ski the Vist R Rocker.

Not being intended as a GS ski, the Vist R Rocker can well be an excellent option for those skiers with a long experience behind them, such as ski instructors or high skilled skiers looking for something beyond the SL turns and explosive reactivity. The Vist R Rocker will be an excellent partner when skiing at full throttle whatever the conditions are. We will be able to shorten the turns as much as desired without exhausting ourselves unnecessarily, as well as to face complicated scenarios like bamps, irregular terrain, difficult snow conditions of quite deep powder. A tool that will help us under any condition.


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  1. Hendrik says:

    Hi Albert,

    I am currently looking for a new ski and am interested in two offers. The Vist Cross Over 2 (~165 cm) for 800 Euro and the Vist R Rocker Power Race (170 cm) for 400 Euro. I would rate my skilevel as very good and have a classical skiing style, i.e. very parallel with very small curves. The parallel style is the reason why I am not looking for an SL, as I am permanently overlapping the skis. On the other site, I am looking for a ski which turns quite easly and is more on the short radius for short turns. Would you have any recommendation on those? Many thanks,


    • Albert says:

      Hello Hendrik and wellcome,

      I am not very sure if I understand you when you mention “overlapping”. If your skis touch each other with some frequency I’d rather recommend you taking some ski classes, to refine your technique and achieve a stance variation skill, than buying some new equipment. That said the Vist R Rocker would be the less prone to clash each ski onto the other because it’s narrower, although it’s got a generous shovel. On the positive side it has less pop that the CO2. If my thought is right about your skiing, just for once, I’d recommend you the R Rocker. It won’t be a big obstacle when adapting to the new gear. That said if you’re still skiing with one leg sticked to the other don’t forget to take at least a couple of hours with a certified instructor. Variety in the stance is as important as other skills in skiing. Don’t get me wrong, the solution for many situations such as bumpy terrain is skiing in a narrow stance. But sometimes on open and perfectly groomed terrain having a wider stance is more than suitable.

      I hope this helps you.

      Best regards

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