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The Vist SL Race model is the successor of the old Vist Super Front Tre. It is basically the same ski but with a facelift. However, this could still be the best Slalom ski available in the market today. I’ve been skiing for more than a decade and a half, and I have done it on many, many SL skis. None, absolutely none, of those are as good as the Vist SL Race.

Vist SL Race © Vist

Vist SL Race
© Vist

The Vist SL Race is a lively ski that makes any skier feel alive. It feels light, although its weight is around the 7.5kg at 165cm length. It is amazingly easy to move along from side to side. Unbelievable. It is a precision tool. Not only transmits everything happening on the snow but also obeys diligently. The edge shifting can be accomplished in the blink of an eye. Any good skier will be capable of linking turns at a diabolic pace without even thinking about it. Believe it or not, the Vist SL Race is a bit forgiving. However, don´t be fooled. This is an SL beast, be aware of that.

It has also a wonderful tail that doesn’t feel heavy nor feels like a catapult either. When skied precisely and on the edge it has the right rebound, just the necessary to release us inside the next turn effortlessly. At the same time, you will be able to perform some tail slides without worries nor praying for them to happen. Have you ever felt this maneuverability from a pair of pure SL Race skis?

The shovel comes obedient into all turns, but contrary to others, it allows certain sliding degree at will. And this is not a very common behavior in today’s SL general public targeted skis. There are several reasons behind this. The excellent weight balance, the well studied sidecut profile and of course the magnificent and greatly designed Vist system plates are the main ones.

As it can be read in the general article about the Vist Race range, they also build a fantastic series of plates and binding systems. One of the main characteristics is that once the boot is inserted into the binding, its sole remains flat in respect to the ski´s sole. The immediate effect of this is a more neutral behaviour and an improved maneuverability. Other brands choose designs that incorporate a small forward ramp, such as Atomic.

Despite being one of the best, if not the best SL ski in the market, the Vist SL Race also shows good manners in the medium radius turns. It is spectacular. Any skier willing to live a unique experience and particularly those who are in love with the short turns, have in the Vist SL Race, one of the best options.


8 comments on “Test / Review Ski Vist SL Race

  1. Sam Guagliano says:

    Thank you for the review. I have a pair of Vist Crossover II’s and love them. Based on your review, I just bought a pair of the Vist SL Race ski’s. Can’t wait to ski them – Regards Sam

    • Albert says:

      I hope you ski them soon and share the experience with us. All messages from you, the readers, are more than welcome.

      Enjoy it Sam!

  2. Groomer says:

    Nice review Albert. I tested 6 pairs (Atomic doubledeck, Rossi WC9, Elan 14 Waveflex…) before buying Crossover 2. Fantastic skis. The hotspot is right on middle; no doubts in different conditions. No speed limit still. How SL Race differs from CO2?

    • Albert says:

      Hi Groomer,

      Thanks for your comment. Well, the CO2 is very different from the Vist SL Race, although it has a surprising short turn performance. The SL feels much lighter, but it’s not a light ski whatsoever. It also feels more maneuverable and faster on the edge shifting.

      One could say the Vist CO2 can be considered an allround ski able to perform very well under many conditions, and at the same time it has an SL touch to it. That is the story for the short size. The long size on the CO2 is simply an incredible ski. It obviously doesn’t deliver that short turn performance, but on the other hand you get speed.

      The SL Race is a true slalom ski, the CO2 has some touch of that but is far from it. It all depends on what you are looking for.

      Best regards

  3. Groomer says:

    Thank you for a reply; but I´m not looking for anything new, (I would defenitely want to taste Revolution mark 2 next winter); but my friend is. You see, it was last day of this season (wet, slow, heavy snow). He with Atomic Race SL (2011, 165cm). We swapped skis after couple of hours. (We are both about 180cm and 80kg). I didn`t fancy much last year`s model, but Atomic 2011 was much worse. Hotspot was allmost 50cm around bindings; have to put weight back and front depending steep. I think that doubledecks can help `till you have reached upper intermediate amateurs, or compete with manifactures skis, otherwise it is just a gimmick from manifacturer… Anyway, after swapping skis, He never gave my CO2 back that afternoon. Just said that maybe have to buy new ones.
    So, this post is `bout to ask advice in personal terms; don`t put in general. (I`ll ask about Revolution in that one).
    R for Rocker (170cm); much better for him? I guess CO2 is a lost ski?

  4. Oleg says:

    Dear Albert,
    Thank you for your ski reviews. Very interesting. I have found in internet only your Vist skis reviews… No any others. After detailed learning your opinions concerning Vist skis I have bought this year pair of Cross 77 176 skis. About during two years unsuccessfully trying to find replacement for my old friend” Atomic Metron b5i 172, 2008, which has too thin cants – almost zero. My “”problem” is – enough rare today radical carving skiing style, not all ski types are suitable for that. I have trying during two seasons Head REV85 pro 170. Not bad, but not so stable as metrons at difficult snow conditions and higher speed…. Let see how will be cross 77. I will write my opinion after skiing at normal mountain conditions. Our artificial snow arena ( http://www.snowarena.lt ) is not enough good for speed carving testing and still hide for me your mentioned special (“”wolf”‘) features. Let see.

    • Albert says:

      Hi Oleg

      Welcome and thank you for posting.
      The Metrons were very nice skis and a, back then, “new” concept.
      Enjoy your new Vist skis and ski as much as possible!

      Best regards

  5. Andre says:

    Hello Albert,

    Will you be reviewing any of the new Vist skis coming out? I am interested in picking up a pair of either the SL Race or GS Race, and you are the most straightforward reviewer I have ever come across (as well as essentially the only reviewer for Vist!) It would be highly appreciated if you could review them. I hope you will be able to get your hands on some as they are very expensive (which I believe may be part of the reason why you haven’t reviewed the latest round of skis).


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