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The Blizzard WRC Racing WC Piston is one of the few good GS cheater skis available in the market today. Why cheater? Let me explain. The proper GS skis are the ones following the FIS rules. However, those rules are specific for competition and they are never intended for the general public. Because of that, all major brands split up their race ranges in two: one following the FIS standards and the other for the masses not following FIS rules. This way everyone is happy, specially those who really support this industry, the tourists.

Blizzard WRC Racing WC Piston © Blizzard - Tecnica Group S.p.A.

Blizzard WRC Racing WC Piston
© Blizzard – Tecnica Group S.p.A.

All major brands have some kind of GS ski for us to play with. However, those skis usually have their GS genetics so diluted that it is sometimes hard to say if they are a GS at all, or even a GS-like ski. Much tighter radius, shorter lenghts and some sort of unstable behaviour at really high speeds.

However, a few brands have built soft versions of their true FIS GS models. Since the regulation changes in the FIS standards around 2008 and later in 2012, the radius changed from the 21m to the actual 35m in the World Cup. If comparing a 16m radius GS ski to another with 21m back in 2007 was like comparing apples to oranges, imagine how it is today. It really makes no sense. But fortunately, some brands still stand firm and are building skis for the general public that resemble the GS skis from the first decade of this century. And those models provide a unique experience to those who bravely try to ski them. The «real» GS experience for the public. The Blizzard WRC Racing WC Piston is one of those skis.

The offer is simple but complete for anyone needing a GS-like ski. Three different lengths: 176cm, 182cm and 186cm. Classic sandwich construction, laminated wood core, metal layers to soften the fiber’s reactions and a very poruous sole. Simple, not pompous. A bit orange, yes, but the Blizzard WRC Racing WC Piston has all the good bits to be a GS ski. Quite often the problem with this ski is not the ski itself but the user. Anyone who takes a look at this ski should be warned about the following: make sure you ski well, make sure you like skiing fast, make sure you are in good shape and make sure you have no friends. When you use this kind of skis, the last thing you need is a friend close to you. It’s dangerous. If you or the other guy miss the line, have any problem, etc., there are good chances you’ll have a memorable, epic crash. The best advice is: make sure you are the only one on the piste and please reduce your speed a bit before any ramp you haven’t seen empty before your run. This kind of ski is of course recreational ski. But it doesn’t mean things won’t get a bit more serious at this level. Only experienced and expert skiers should be aiming at this ski.

Marker WC Piston Plate © Marker Völkl International GmbH

Marker WC Piston Plate
© Marker Völkl International GmbH

Now finally, a fact to take into consideration. There is a two model offer for the GS-like ski in Blizzard. One is the Blizzard WRC Racing WC Piston and the other is its brother, the Blizzard WRC Racing S-Power 14 TCX. They are essentially two very similar skis. The main difference is their reactivity and the interface plate between the boot and the ski. The model we are reviewing incorporates Marker’s flagship plate, the WC Piston Plate. Apart from the stupid, useless, plasticky piston included, it is a very good plate. As every other good plate, it leaves the boot sole flat in respect to the ski’s sole. Anyone with enough skiing skills who has tried any plate with this feature knows it makes you feel everything’s under control. Its shape and the drilled rails allow the ski to flex free, without interfering with the ski’s part of the work.

So yes, all in all, the Blizzard WRC Racing WC Piston is a very good ski for those willing to tackle the GS experience. Ski instructors, trainers, ski pros in general should be pointing at this ski’s profile. Blizzard offers this. Take a look at it.


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