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Similarly to the Blizzard RCS Racing S, the Blizzard SCS Racing S + Power 12 TCX is the secondary model in the Slalom category. And yet again, the similarities are many between all Slalom models as it happened in the Giant Slalom ones. Of course, the reactions are smoother. The physical and technical demands are lower here. These models are focused on pure enjoyment without lowering the performance too much.

Blizzard SCS Racing S + Power 12 TCX © Blizzard - Tecnica Group S.p.A.

Blizzard SCS Racing S + Power 12 TCX
© Blizzard – Tecnica Group S.p.A.

The main technologies in this model are the Sandwich construction, the Race tip profile, the Sidewall, the Duratec, the Full Camber and Suspension. To get a deeper knowledge, don’t miss the oportunity to read the Overall Blizzard Race article.

Second line in a range skis are usually a significantly softened and, of course, different experience from the top models. This is not the case. Both the RCS and SCS share many features with their respective counterparts. At the same time, and very remarkably, they also have a very strong similarity in their profiles. So if you are looking to downgrade or just to ski more comfortable, these two are a very safe choice. Just keep in mind the turn radius option. Long for the Blizzard RCS Racing S and short for the Blizzard SCS Racing S.


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