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SEASON  2014-2015  UPDATE:

For this next 2014-2015 season, the Elan Race SLX Fusion has not changed much. The ski basically comes from the same mold and it features the same technologies from the past season such as the Amphibio profile, the Powerspine, the RST Sidewall, a laminated woodcore and the addition of a double titanal layer.

Elan Race SLX Fusion 2014-2015 © Elan d.o.o.

Elan Race SLX Fusion 2014-2015
© Elan d.o.o.

The changes in the Elan Race SLX Fusion 2014-2015 have fallen onto the cosmetics. There is less green in the mix (the excess of which was critized in last season´s review) and the white color has gained prominence. It looks more modern, although the composition remains the same. Appearance is always a very subjective matter, but many will agree the renewal has arrived for good.

As of performance on the snow, everything explained on the following article for the 2013-2014 season´s model applies entirely for this upcoming winter. Here’s the complete review, enjoy….



Mini Elan - SkiReviewer

The Elan Race SLX Fusion lives on top of the Race range as an SL ski. It is a well rounded ski, without complications. You can push it hard once and again in the short turns and it will never complain. It comes in at every turn, round and easy. In the mid-long turn it feels a bit out of place, as if it wasn’t capable of edging. It holds on to the edge, but it barely transmits it. As it happens with all SL’s worthy of that name, it doesn’t like to ski very fast. It faces that circumstance decently, but it feels like a penguin in a garage. Lost.

© Elan d.o.o.

© Elan d.o.o.

The manufacturer defines it as follows: “It is not necessary to choose between speed and precision”. But as I said just one line above, this is nonsense. An SL ski is not a fast ski or meant to be fast. Therefore, among other aspects, they are shorter than “regular” skis. Because of this you have to choose. Example: if you want to drive fast, you don’t buy a 4×4, you buy a sportscar. The same rationale applies in here.

Leaving the nonsense marketing apart, it is a good Slalom ski. It has an excellent cut touch, a bit thin but honest all the way. It chains all turns absolutely flawlessly and without any kind of strong rebound. In fact, its best feature is the flexibility without coming back to its natural position violently. Therefore, you can chain all turns without any problems provided the pilot doesn’t commit a mistake.

The Elan Race SLX Fusion feels balanced, specially in all the turn phases and packed with measured reactions. “Sweet” would be a bad word for this ski because it is quite demanding for many people, but noble fits like a glove. Turns can be drawn in a diabolic fast pace. You can also cut and slide those icy walls where our wishes and fears collide, without those unwanted tail-nailing turns or having the feeling of wearing something heavy. In fact, it is a quite light SL ski. Here lies the reason why the manufacturer speaks out the following phrase in the model’s description: “The Elan Race SLX Fusion gives all you need to have a superior Slalom experience”.

Elan Race SLX Fusion 2013-2014 © Elan d.o.o.

Elan Race SLX Fusion 2013-2014
© Elan d.o.o.

The Elan Race SLX Fusion is not the best Slalom ski ever. But it is not any Slalom ski, either. Those skilled enough will enjoy all short turns in every kind of circumstance. It has a nice behavior even in the bumps.

Aesthetically, the problem is the color. Too much green. The asymmetric tips are quite squared, which give it a more aggressive styling. It also incorporates some plastic protectors in the tip, ressembling chromed metal. Nice detail.


Technical Specifications

Length (cm) 170 165 160 155
Tip (mm) 124 123 122 120
Waist (mm)   69   69   69   69
Tail (mm) 107 107 104 103
Radius (m)   13   12.4   12   11.7

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2 comments on “Test / Review Ski Elan Race SLX Fusion

  1. Joris Kuyl says:

    Hello Albert,
    congrats with your ski review! At least someone who does not not read like someone who’s on the payroll of all those ski brands.
    For some 5 years now I ski Elan SLX Racers and your review reads very recognizable to me. Even if I’m not an expert skiër -heavy buckels or deep snow are not my cup of tea- I’ve seen my cousin descending Le Mur in Avoriaz and Le Tunnel in Alpe d’Huez on a similar pair of Elan skis, fingers in his nose. As for speed, curves and ice, I can speak for myself: yes! Definitely YES!!!
    Today, the only disadvantage of the ski for me is it’s weight ( 3600gr. / ski ), as my leg muscles have softened due to age and a leg injury, .So here”s my question for you: Can you tell me of a lighter ski with +/- the same features? It doesn’t have to be the newest model and I don’t care about fanciness. To the contrary. Pro info: my size is 172 cm lenght and 67 kg weight. Many thanks and keep posting!!!

  2. gary tao says:

    I am picking up one of these Amphibio sl as old new stock and at the time of this writing, the ski is already close to 10 years old. To be honest, I love old(ish) skis especially the ones that I have never had the chance to ski. I am picking these Elans just because they are one of the lighter sl skis but having said that I am in no disolution that it will be a much softer ski than my go to east coast ski which is the Rossignol S9 sl. My concern would be the rebound and the speed only because of my skiing stye but I have no doubt that it can hold a line. I am a GS type of guy but to be honest nothing beats a good pair of SLs when your runs are short which is the reality of east cost skiing in North America. A good pair of race SLs is definatly better than any recreational ski out there. Elan touts the SLX as a race ready slalom ski but I doubt that to be the case. The reality is that it is a selling gimmick and the best that I can hope for is that it gaps the recreation and pro categories. I am going out with them this week and as a point of reference I am running the SLXs against another new old stock, my Dynastar CR 74 which are a couple of years younger and my trusty S9s. If the SLXs land anywhere in between then I would be happy and give it a tumbs up as a east coast ski but I doubt that I could recomend it for the Rockies or the Alps. If they impress me enough, I might even consider putting money down for a newer model.

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