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The Head iSupershape Magnum is a very well renowned ski inside the ski schools circuit and resorts staff in the Pyrenees, as the brand’s representative in Andorra explained to me. This is quite understandable because the Magnum works in a high level. There is one extra gear to engage compared to the Titan or the Speed models, also from Head. It feels tougher to bend, but there’s no big difference compared to the other two.

For this next 2014-2015 season, the Head iSupershape Magnum comes from the same mold and it features the same technologies from last season such as the KERS, the Race Structured UHM C Base, the WC sandwich cap construction and the Speed Rocker. The level of stupidity has been increased in the marketing department with the so-called ERA 3.0 technology, but despite our considerations on that issue, the iSupershape models are still very, very good skis.

Head iSupershape Magnum © Head - HTM Sport GmbH

Head iSupershape Magnum
© Head – HTM Sport GmbH

If the Speed and the Titan models let us link short turns easily, the Head iSupershape Magnum will allow wider turns the same way. Bending it as much as the other two requires more inertia and/or stronger legs. This is noticeable at high speed and open wide turns where its stability appears. Not being intended to that way of skiing, it lets any skier have good fun in his favourite highway-like run. And here I should make a clarification: the brand’s claims on this are opposite to mine. In their website, the speed levels for the Speed model are above those for the Titan and the Magnum.

The Magnum wants to be skied and pushed with no mercy. You can slide it sideways, but it is remarkable that skiing it on the edge is preferable. It delivers good performance on powder but in variable terrain, specially in big bumps, it feels stiff and unadaptable. If it requires us to ski more powerfully on the trails, under this circumstances it is mandatory to push harder. And we need to do it more proficiently, absorbing as much as possible what the ski can’t deal with.

Head iSupershape Magnum PR 12S Binding © Head - HTM Sport GmbH

Head PR 12S Binding
© Head – HTM Sport GmbH

As explained in the other Head’s tests, there is a small disconnection between the tip and the rest of the ski in all the Supershape range. The majority of skiers won’t notice this, but those who want to ski at the limits of this ski will need to forward their position a bit at the beginning of the turn. This will make easier engaging the edge, which in turn will provide a more precise control and better grip as it is expected in any high end ski.

To identify the Head iSupershape Magnum, last year we had to check the color of the brand’s name at the tip or be able to read the rather small letters next to it. For this next 2014-2015 season, the big brand’s logo is always white but the model’s name is more readable at the tail and even at the tip. Every iSupershape model has now a big straight line, with a strong color that identifies it. For the Head iSupershape Magnum, this big central line is green. It gives the ski a racing touch but fashionable at the same time, more eighties than before. It suits the ski’s line perfectly. Looks are a very subjective matter, but many will agree the renewall has arrived for good. The background is painted in black as in the rest of the Supershape models. The bindings come in black with some yellow-green notes. They really stand out.


Technical Specifications

Length (cm) 177 170 163 156 149
Tip (mm) 129 128 127 126 125
Waist (mm)   73   72   71   71   70
Tail (mm) 107 106 105 105 104
Radius (m)   14.2   13.1   12.0   10.9   9.9

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One comment on “Test / Review Ski Head iSupershape Magnum

  1. Sager says:

    I have been on the iSupershape Magnum for about 3 years and I absolutely love it. Other skis I’ve loved were older Fischer RX8 and Stockli Spirit Pro. This ski is the best of the two I just mentioned. The Stockli demands more and the Fischer, while I love it, is not as stable as the Head. I’m predominantly an east coast skier where vert exceeding 750′ is a few hours drive so I wanted a ski that I can carve short turns in tight spaces. At the same time, being able to enjoy everything from hard ice to shallow powder is a must if you want to go over 25 days a year in wny. I bought a pair of the Elan Amphibio 14 and while a good ski is good at most stuff but not great in any one so I rely on my Magnums as my every day ski because they are predictable and for my conditions so everything better than any ski I have been on.

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