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The Elan GSX Fusion is located in the Race range for the general public in Elan’s scheme. Its nomenclature tells us we are in front of a Giant Slalom ski for civil use (out of the competition field). If we strictly follow what Elan says in their own website, this ski should: “offer the highest performance all the time, satisfying the more demanding experts in the Giant Slalom”. Then the key question is: does it?

© Elan d.o.o.

© Elan d.o.o.

No. It doesn’t, not even by mistake. This ski vibrates tremendously at high speed (the speed it is meant to be at), making us slow down due to the sense of insecurity transmitted. If the terrain is a bit irregular (a bit bumpy) as it was in some parts of our testing trail, this unstable behaviour is shown earlier. However, when traveling at medium speeds on absolutely flat terrain it is a relaxed, comfortable and easy ski. Skiing on the edge is very easy because the tip easily bites the snow and it comes along in every turn.

Hands on, the Elan GSX Fusion feels light and sweet. In fact, it was the one which felt the lightest of the three models tested in the Elan range (GSX, SLX, Waveflex 14). When bending it by the waist, you can catalogue it as a medium to soft flex ski. The tail feels quite strong, though the tip is soft. Very soft. This combination makes this ski quite strange and you can also describe it as “dislocated” or unbalanced. So much that it does not only feel that way hands on, but also in the foot. The tip feels very light and the tail seems to pull down backwards. Perhaps it is a good idea, but is poorly executed. A soft tip lets us get into the turns but as speed increases, it starts shaking. And if we step into the turn forcefully, this ski feels false. There is nothing down there. It won’t make us fall, but it will tell us it can’t. It will admit defeat.

Having arrived at this point, the question is: where are the good news? Well, they’re here. It is a ski that gets into every turn, on the edge or sliding. You can always make it slide and it doesn’t rebound when you do it. This is the way it works best. The hard tail gives us a good support and that is quite desirable when we are sitting a bit on the back. In the bumps, we can put it wherever we wish to. We will even feel comfortable. Not completely comfortable because that tail that helps us many times on the piste is a bit faulty here, as it moves a bit unwillingly. In the short turns we can slide it comfortably and in the long radius ones at medium speed we will ski greatly but not going beyond that pace.

Elan GSX Fusion 2013-2014 © Elan d.o.o.

Elan GSX Fusion 2013-2014
© Elan d.o.o.

But… is it a good ski? That depends on which is our point of view when we look at it. As a Giant Slalom ski for civil use (out of competition), the Elan GSX Fusion is a bad ski. Awful. As an all-rounder to ski with, five or six hours non-stop, sailing through some bumps, going for a “walk” without any kind of ambition and pretending to spend a wonderful nice day not feeling tired at the end of it, the Elan GSX Fusion is a very good ski.

SEASON 2015-2016 UPDATE:

There are not many new things to mention about the Elan GSX Fusion version for 2015-2016. The only remarkable fact is that Elan is greener than before and this really shows off in this model. It’s painfully painted in green. Lots of it. I have no problem with that color, but that doesn’t mean I like all tones of green nor I enjoy looking at so much green on a pair of skis. Some will be struck the first time and others will even fall in love with this new look. But be warned: one day someone will appear trying to smash you with a flypaper because he or she thinks you are flying on top of a very green ugly fly.

SEASON  2014-2015  UPDATE:

For this next 2014-2015 season, the Elan GSX Fusion has not changed much. The ski basically comes from the same mold and it features the same technologies from the past season, such as the Amphibio profile, the Powerspine, the RST Sidewall, a laminated woodcore and the addition of a double titanal layer.

Elan GSX Fusion 2014-2015 © Elan d.o.o.

Elan GSX Fusion 2014-2015
© Elan d.o.o.

The changes in the Elan GSX Fusion 2014-2015 have fallen onto the cosmetics. There is less green in the mix (the excess of which was critized in last season´s review) and the white color has gained protagonism. It looks more modern, although the composition remains the same. Appearance is always a very subjective matter but many will agree the renewal has arrived for good.

As of performance on the snow, everything explained on the following article for the 2013-2014 season´s model applies entirely for this upcoming winter. Here’s the complete review, enjoy…

Technical Specifications

Length (cm) 186 182 176 170
Tip (mm) 114 114 114 114
Waist (mm)   70   70   70   70
Tail (mm)   99   99   99   99
Radius (m)   21   19.8   17.8   16.8

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