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Fun, easy to edge, reactive, round and powerful are the adjectives which perfectly define how the Head iSupershape Speed performs. It’s got an SL touch but without being so specific. Wide turns are not its favourite terrain, but if we link some of those we will realize it’s still better than others. The problems will start when reducing that high speed because it will rebound more than what’s desirable.

For this next 2014-2015 season, the Head iSupershape Speed comes from the same mold and it features the same technologies from last season such as the KERS, the Race Structured UHM C Base, the WC sandwich cap construction and the Speed Rocker. The level of stupidity has been increased in the marketing department with the so-called ERA 3.0 technology, but despite our considerations on that issue, the iSupershape models are still very, very good skis.

Head iSupershape Speed © Head - HTM Sport GmbH

Head iSupershape Speed © Head – HTM Sport GmbH

If we ski relaxed and comfortably, without fanfare, we will notice a slight tip disconnection from the rest. This will be difficult to detect for medium skilled users. But ski instructors or other industry professionals will see the difference as soon as they slightly move their position forward and ski more actively. This tiny detail will trigger all its capabilities. We can then link short edged turns cutting the snow’s surface effortlessly. In fact, I was surprised at how much you can reduce the radius with the Head iSupershape Speed. Astonishing. On the other hand, if we reach enough speed while turning by pure flexion and we suddenly switch to the extension-flexion technique, it is relatively easy to catch some air when going upwards. Be aware of it, because at high speeds, being in the air doesn’t give us any chance to change our direction if we run out of space or we find any trouble in front of us (for example, an erratic skier).

Skiing in short and medium radius turns on the edge, leaving clean and sharp arcs behind us, is where the Head iSupershape Speed really shines. Although this doesn’t mean it works badly when sliding the tail sideways. Something we will be grateful for when facing hard and steep runs and not willing to fly the piste in a rush, but just ski regularly. It feels comfortable and easy to maneuver. Its high reactivity penalizes when skiing in irregular terrain, like lumpy parts or bump lines. In those conditions, it requires smoothness as well as good manners.

Head PRD 14S Binding     © Head - HTM Sport GmbH

Head PRD 14S Binding © Head – HTM Sport GmbH

Aesthetically I think that Head’s general design is great. Sober, flat, simple and slightly touched by that eighties look that seems to be catching on again. However, chip and the huge “K” of the Kers system should be completely removed. Shame on you, Head. This year, the brand’s name comes painted in white for all iSupershape models, in the middle of a big straight line, with a strong color that identifies each model. For the Head iSupershape Speed, this big central line is yellow. It gives the ski a racing touch but fashionable at the same time. The combination of the color with the size of the letters reminds us a sportscar from the seventies, so to speak.

In summary, the Head iSupershape Speed is a very good ski that perfectly fulfills the needs of those who stay more of the 90% of their time skiing on groomed runs. Specially those who are obsessed with turns. You can do them everywhere, anytime.


Technical Specifications

Length (cm) 184 177 170 163 156
Tip (mm) 120 120 119 118 117
Waist (mm)   67   66   66   66   65
Tail (mm)   99   99   98   97   97
Radius (m)   16.6   15.5   14.3   13.2   12.1

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