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Rossignol Race Mini - SkiReviewer

The Rossignol Race range for 2014-2015 is one of the most beatiful collections in this next season. All models share a very attractive design with a retro flavour from last century´s seventies. Elegant, simple, functional and yet very Rossignol in the end. As in every other brand, there is a clear difference between the FIS and the non-FIS models. The racing athletes will go for the FIS ones straight away since those comply with the official racing standars. The general public must choose the non-FIS ones since they are much more forgiving, easier to handle and appropiate to their needs and desires.

The non-FIS range is divided into five categories. The first three are also divided between two models, short turn skis and long turn skis. That´s the reason why the HERO Elite range includes the ST and LT in the name, simple and easy to understand. From top to bottom, we find:

  • Hero Elite ST-Racing (R20 Racing)

  • Hero Elite LT-Racing (R20 Racing)

  • Hero Elite ST TI

  • Hero Elite LT TI

  • Hero Elite ST

  • Hero Elite LT

  • Hero Elite SX Carbon

  • Hero Elite SX Sport


Those looking for strong emotions and willing for the adrenaline rush at every turn should go for one of the two on the top, specially the LT. Both the Rossignol Hero Elite ST-Racing (R20 Racing) and the Rossignolt LT-Racing (R20 Racing) are very dedicated Race models and only recommended for experts, being ski instructors themselves or very high skilled skiers with many hours of skiing in their legs. The Hero Elite TI models (both the ST and the LT) as well as the simply named Hero Elite ST and LT are the softened continuation of the top range two.

The distinction between the Hero Elite TI (both the ST and the LT) and the simply named Hero Elite falls into several aspects. From the sidecut to the stiffness as well as the overall reactions. The Hero Elite ST and LT are the access points in the Rossignol Race range and are very good options.

This is what the brand has to say about the technologies featured in the Rossignol Race models:

Disclaimer: Not all Rossignol Race models share the same technologies. This is just a list of all the technologies used in each category. You may find skis that do no use all of them.


Prop Tech

Rossignol claims that, after the new FIS competition regulations, they have come across with this new Prop Tech System, which is suposed to “improve turn initiation and make handling more enjoyable.”

It consists of a Zicral top reinforcement layer cut lengthwise at the ski´s tip that should provide “superior power transfer and ski control.” The brand also states this technology is used by all their World Cup racers.


Cascade Tip

“This specific tip construction involves stepping the end-points of the top two layers, one metal and the other fiberglass. The objective is to reduce tip inertia and weight, giving a ski that is livelier and more receptive. This construction also delivers better torsional control of the tip, for more effective grip and very high precision in turns. Liveliness, Grip, Precision, Adaptability.”

Nothing new under the sun, neither in Rossignol nor anywhere else. All the ski manufacturers combine different materials and in different proportion. This time Rossignol didn´t fear to show us that on some of their “inner technologies”. In some of their ski´s tips you will notice a very defined step where one material ends and the other one below still extends to the very top.

There are several reasons for doing that. From obtaining different mechanical properties specifically related to different skiers profiles to the simple economic point of view (less material on some thousands of skis can well be a remarkable expense reduction, specially when that material is wasted because it´s not really needed).


Rossignol Race Power Turn Rockeri - SkiReviewer

© Skis Rossignol SAS

Power Turn Rocker

“This ski has high traditional camber for 90% of its length….. A slight rocker over the remaining 10%, at the tip, makes turn initiation easier and ….”

Now that the Rocker technology is everywhere, there is a need from all major brands to remark and extensively repeat they have all the good bits put in their products. This is the main and only reason why we see the word “rocker” in a racing ski. In the past, no one was talking about the ski´s camber but nowadays, since it´s the biggest highlight and the only “decent” novelty across the whole industry, it has to be shown again and again. Instead of saying this ski incorporates the classic race camber, the marketing department has thought of a better propagandistic formula which is what we can read on Rossignol´s brochure extract just a few lines above.


Minicap Sandwich

“Very solid construction with reinforced topsheet for more durability. The sidewalls are angled at 30° to reduce inertia and overall weight while improving grip.”

This is an old friend not only to Rossignol´s designs but to other brands too. Combinations of sandwich and cap constructions are as old as these two come to be.


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