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Stockli Race Mini - SkiReviewer

Stöckli and race are two words that fit together very well. And as it couldn´t be any other way, this season´s Stöckli Race range is one of the best in the market. However, if you are one of those looking for exciting “new” features, revolutionary technologies and so on and so forth you will be very bored with Stöckli. On the other hand, if you’re looking for the proven and tested, welcome home.

Before we start talking about the skis, let me tell you one thing. Stöckli has made one big mistake. The last season, they incorporated Salomon bindings. Don´t be fooled if you do not see a big “S” on those bindings. They are Salomon bindings. And God knows this is evil. It is evil because this is an economic maneuver far from any technical point of view. And it is evil because these great skis can look and sometimes feel cheap, when they aren´t. Luckily you can buy them without any binding, just the flat ski and then put on something of your taste. It is very advisable to buy Vist plates and bindings. One of the best combinations available today in the market, Stöckli skis with Vist bindings-plates. A win-win. And this is specially the case in the Stöckli Race range. In no other product line this is more true.

The Stöckli Race collection is rather simple and it´s easy to find your ski. There are six models to choose in between. Although there is one pair that shouldn´t be classified as “Race”, the brand has chosen to do so. Why? Ask them.


  • Stöckli Laser GS: a Giant slalom ski as an entry point in the category.

  • Stöckli Laser SL: an SL ski. Fun, fun, fun.

  • Stöckli Laser SX: the Skicross for the general public.

  • Stöckli Laser SC: a forgiving multipurpose race ski.

  • Stöckli Laser CX: an on-piste for turning once and once again.

  • Stöckli Laser AX: an off-piste ski in the race category. Ask them why.


So let´s take a look at the Stöckli´s technologies used in this range:

Disclaimer: Not all the models share the same technologies. This is just a list of all the technologies used in each category. You may find skis that do no use all of them.


  • SST: do you like sandwiches? I do. What´s your favourite one? Ok, keep that in your mind. Now, would you give a special name to it? Already done that? Ok. So that´s it. Stöckli´s favourite sandwich is named SST. Bon appetit.

  • Stockli Race TFC - SkiRevewer

    © Stöckli Swiss Sports AG

    Torsiotech System: Stöckli´s own words on the matter: “Lasered cuts made in the ski´s Titanal layer ensure that flex and torsion are evenly distributed over the entire length of the ski. Perfect adaptation to the terrain is the result.” Well… really? Isn´t there any other cheaper way to cut the skis? If this skis are hand made I guess… they´ve got laser guns in the factory. Those swiss people… now I know why they do have those big banks. The laser guns speak for themselves…

  • CPO (Carefully Place Carbon): carbon inserts as reinforment to improve torsional behavior. Take it or leave it.

  • TFC: rubber inserts in the ski´s tail. Less rebound in a round tail as the one used in the Laser AX.

  • Softrocker: just a bit of rocker. How much? Ask them. Why do they put it here? Basically for the Laser AX model since it´s also focused for off-piste incursions.


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