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The Vist Race range of 2014–2015 is short but one of the most effective available in the market today. Vist just offers three models although they can be considered three masterpieces. And before we continue discussing the Vist Race range let’s put it clear. I am biased since I own two Vist Race skis and I have skied all the Vist models available since 2006. So yes, I have been seduced by «The Dark Side». But not completely. I still enjoy skiing my «super-old» Dynastar Speed 63 skis. I still can appreciate other’s work as great such as the Stöckli Race line or praise the Fischer Worldcup RC4 SC as one of the greatest SL skis for the general public of the last decade. Therefore my bias has a short run.

So let’s put the Vist Race line names in line:

  • Vist GS Race

  • Vist SL Race (the best SL ski in the market)

  • Vist R Rocker


The Vist GS Race is a great GS ski. You can still demand a hand built GS FIS WC compliant specs to Vist, but if you are a ski professional or just a very experienced skier looking for a decent GS ski, this is it. But don’t be fooled, if you are a ski racer with a Master license you can compete with this pair since it does actually stick to the FIS Master rules.

The Vist SL Race is simply the best SL ski available in the market today. Don’t look further, do not compare more skis, don’t ask for more advise, you’ve found it. Again, this is the best SL ski in the market today and until someone builds something better, mankind would have conquered the outer space.

The Vist R Rocker is in between the GS and SL models. If you choose a long size you will be getting closer to the GS behaviour. If you decide to go for the short size you will be more in line with the SL experience. This model is exactly what an experienced skier demands when looking for a non-compromised race ski able to perform any kind of turn under good and bad conditions.

The Sppedlock & Speedcom, two of the best interfaces in the market.

The Sppedlock & Speedcom, two of the best interfaces in the market.
© Vist

Now, be advised. Every single ski in the market can have a significant behaviour change depending on the interface we are using. That is to say the same ski with a different plate-binding can have its character significantly altered. Why? Well… how the power is transmitted is one reason. A flat plate will make it behave in one manner. A stepped forward plate will give the ski a different character. And a stepped backward plate will change it too. So… which is best? Giving a short answer to that will only confuse you a bit, but that´s how it goes. Your skiing ability is the main influence on that decision. Manufacturers do it for us. The second reason why a ski sees its behaviour changed because of the plate interface is how this alters the flex pattern.

The Vist Race models will be found with two different interfaces. The Speedlock system and the Speedcom system. The former is the Vist´s flagship and the latter is one of the most comfortable to adjust system for users up to date.


One comment on “Vist Race Skis 2014-2015

  1. joepug says:

    Skied RaceRocker 176cm last year: everything you could want in a ski and more. Could not wipe the grin off my face.
    Now looking into my second pair of VIST

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