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The Rossignol Hero Elite LT is the third in the line offering for the GS-like models in Rossignol´s catalogue. It is a different model from the other two, the Hero Elite LT-Racing R20 and the Hero Elite LT-Ti. It is a wider profile ski aimed to a different client target. It is also lighter, much lighter, with a one kg difference compared with the other two models in the range. With all the goodies from the brand such as the Cascade Tip technology, the Power Turn Rocker, the Minicap Sandwich Construction and the Prop Tech, the Rossignol Hero Elite LT is a very good choice for those starting in the Race category.

Rossignol Hero Elite LT - Click to enlarge © Skis Rossignol SAS

Rossignol Hero Elite LT – Click to enlarge
© Skis Rossignol SAS

The size offering is wide, with a surprisingly “long” top size of 186 cm (3 cm more than in the other two models). From the short 162 cm to the longest 186 cm, everyone will find a pair. The profile (118-72-100) is a bit wider than in the other models and that allows less experienced skiers perform wide speedy turns with an easier to handle platform under the foot. Being lighter, just 3.8 kg, improves maneuverability and makes it easier to transport from the car or the locker room to the lift’s gate.

As of technologies, this model has all the good bits from the brand. The materials distribution (metal and fiberglass) end at some point in the ski’s length. And where they do, sometimes what is left is a small tiny step noticeable by sliding your hand on the top surface. That step is what Rossignol calls Cascade Tip technology.

We also find the Prop Tech, which is just the commercial name for the classic metal layer in a Sandwich construction.

There is also the Minicap Sandwich construction technology, which sounds a bit strange. But once explained, it is a very logical structure to have. “Cap” is one construction method and “Sandwich” is another one. Both have good reasons to be and both have their positive qualities although there are some others that aren’t so good. Marrying the two has been a constant for many years now in recreational skis. Cap skis are usually lighter, easier to maneuver but lacking of the power, stability and acceleration coming from the Sandwich built ones. So in joining the two ideas into one ski, Rossignol is trying to get the best of both worlds and offer the end result to us.

The Rossignol Hero Elite LT also has the Power Turn Rocker feature. It is a very simple technology where the tip of the ski is slightly bend upwards making the ski easier to engage the edge into the new turn. If it were big, it would feel a bit intrusive making the ski a bit tremorous. Too flat, it would feel like there is no advantage. Of course, the Power Turn Rocker in this Rossignol feels like an easy turn entry.

As for the plate-binding system, the Rossignol Hero Elite LT uses the TPX system. It consists in two parts similar to the R20 plate. Those parts are drilled to allow some free movement to some of the screws that fix the binding and the plate. Some others strongly attach it to the ski, don’t worry. On top of those two halves, Rossignol places a pre-drilled rail. That rail will let, with the help of other pieces such a very handy lever, to adjust the binding to a different boot size. And this is a very handy feature if you plan to share a pair of skis, or if you are a rent shop.

So, all in all, the Rossignol Hero Elite LT is a very good option for those willing to start skiing with a racy touch ski but also doing it safely and easily. Those skiers who are in the process to improve their technique will find in this particular model a good and safe ally.


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