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My name is Albert Valbuena and I’m the author of the articles found here at SkiReviewer.

I was born and grown in a small city near Barcelona. My relation with skiing and the mountains comes from my chilhood. However, skiing was not a priority and therefore I only visited ski resorts once or twice a year.

At the age of eighteen I decided to move and live in the mountains. From then on, I worked at several positions in a ski resort, trained and studied hard to become a certified ski instructor later on 2006. I spent quite some time working as an instructor but I ended training kids in a local ski club and being part of the core team behind the races and events at the ski area.

From season 2010-2011 I quit professional skiing but my head and heart have always been in the mountains. This is the main reason behind this project called SkiReviewer.


This post is also available in Versión en Español.

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