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Blizzard classifies the Blizzard G-Power FS IQ as a high performance all rounder. And this concept seems to fit well in this model. It shows good manners in all terrains and all circumstances. But, as with almost every ski in this category, its virtue is also its flaw. Qualifying ok at everything often results in not being noticeably good at anything. And in the Blizzard G-Power FS IQ this is a very obvious fact.

For this next 2014-2015 season, it features the same technologies from last year, such as the sandwich construction, triple titanal layer, the full suspension system, the tip and tail rocker, the IQ system, the space frame, and so on and so forth.

Blizzard G-Power FS IQ + Power 14 TCX (2014-2015) © Blizzard - Tecnica Group S.p.A.

Blizzard G-Power FS IQ + Power 14 TCX (2014-2015)
© Blizzard – Tecnica Group S.p.A.

Its main gift is being comfortable at all times. You can slide the tail in short turns and it feels smooth when doing so. And it doesn’t complain when doing it in bumpy terrain. Its natural turn radius is medium. However, it has quite a decent short turn radius behavior too. That said, it never feels as good nor precise as a slalom ski would. It is stable in long turns, but it doesn’t transmit as much stability as it does when letting it choose the size naturally by itself. The more heavy skiers who also like to ski very fast will perhaps think it is a bit sweeter than what they would prefer. But this will only happen when both circumstances coincide (heavy skier and very high speed). The rest of skiers will feel delighted with this ski’s general behavior. The reactions are not abrupt. We can also highlight the smoothness when going back to its natural radius after pushing it to the limits.

The Blizzard G-Power FS IQ is a good ski for those high skilled skiers looking for one pair fits all circumstances but are also demanding a powerful ski when required. There are some skis in this category with smoother and more accessible behavior. On the other hand, some other models are stiffer and more demanding. This very model falls in between in terms of physical and technical requirements.

Aesthetically, the Blizzard G-Power FS IQ 2014-2015 looks pretty much the same as it did last season. Again, the main color is black. The green notes have changed their location and shape. Now they remind little wings and the chosen green tone is more flashy than it was. On one hand, it looks a bit more eighties, but on the other it looks fresher and not as serious as before. The overlapped arm composing the “suspension system” breaks the line completely. It also gives the ski an aggressive looking style. The cylinder and piston system just make the thing look worse. It is rather ridiculous going around with that disproportionately big “suspension” arm while wearing a piston fitted inside a plastic capsule with some liquid filling the space. Functional or not, it is disgraceful. Infantile is another way to put it. Wasn’t there any other way to combine these elements? Are the overlapped arms catching up (Blizzard, Atomic, Rossignol)?

© Blizzard - Tecnica Group S.p.A.

© Blizzard – Tecnica Group S.p.A.

However it is, the nobility of its reactions does probably come from the use of those thin metal sheets and the combination with the rest of materials. These metal laminates, contrary to what is generally believed, smooth the ski’s reactions instead of hardening them. Of course they can give some degree of stiffness, but it is completely countered by the fact that they also provide a much more sweet way back to its natural shape.

The incorporated default bindings are from Marker. A well reputed brand around the globe. Its problem is the piston included. This only element gives the impression of having a toy. An adult toy if you will. But still, a cheap toy.


Technical Specifications

Length (cm) 181 174 167
Tip (mm) 124 124 124
Waist (mm)   75   75   75
Tail (mm) 108 108 108
Radius (m) Undisclosed   17 Undisclosed

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