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The Dynastar Speed Omeglass Pro R20 Racing is the high-end Slalom offering from Dynastar. The Omeglass brand is very well known in the market. It has defined the SL skis line at Dynastar for the past ten years. Anyone who hears it immediately knows what´s all about. Infinite, precise and powerful turns.

Its profile is the typical from an SL ski with a deep sidecut, a generous shovel and in this particular model a very sharp shaped tail. You won´t see a narrower end, sharper and more “extreme” tail in the Slalom market than in the Dynastar Speed Omeglass Pro R20 Racing. In fact, it is so “long” that the effective edge length is a bit shorter than in other skis. With a 119mm. wide tip, we will turn easily while keeping the accuracy at the entrance of every turn. A waist of 67mm. falls in between the thinnest ones at 63-64mm. and the widest ones at 71-72mm. wide. This profile leaves the theorical turn radius in just 12 meters, which is obviously good for a Slalom ski.

Dynastar Speed Omeglass Pro R20 Racing Small © Skis Rossignol SAS

Dynastar Speed Omeglass Pro R20 Racing
© Skis Rossignol SAS

The construction method is the classic sandwich. Wood core, titanal metal layer, fibre-glass, vertical sidewalls, metal edges and a polyethylene base conform the basic structure. The addition of the metal layers in the Dynastar Speed Omeglass Pro R20 Racing has a very good reason behind it. Yes, it might leave the ski a little bit harder to bend, but the gaining is greater when we push hard on the edge and we are propelled to the next turn effortlessly. Fibre-glass is one of the common materials used in skis production. It gives the ski its liveness. There are other materials that do it too, such as kevlar or carbon-fibre. Some years ago, dyneema was one of those synthetic materials used by Dynastar. This characteristic rebound from the fibre (being it one of the mentioned above) can be more aggressive than desired, yet a necessary pain to get in order to have a lively ski. To control these reactions, the metal layer addition is a great ally. The ski still has its “pop”, but it is less violent and more controllable. The secret is in the right mix of those materials, which of course won´t be unveiled by Dynastar under any circumstance.

The size offer might seem short, but speaking of Slalom skis, two sizes fit us all. As in the World Cup, the short size is generally recommended for women or short skiers. The long one (keep in mind it is just 165cm.) is adequate for men or strong and/or heavy skiers. With just 90gr. above the 2kg. barrier, it may look “light” for some people but once hold in the hand and with the binding mounted, no one will think about this as a light ski.

Look SPX 12 Maxflex Binding © Skis Rossignol SAS

Look SPX 12 Maxflex Binding
© Skis Rossignol SAS

Speaking about bindings and plates, the Dynastar Speed Omeglass Pro R20 Racing includes the R20 Racing interface. The R20 is splitted in two halfs attached with 4 screws, two of them (the ones at the ends) are floating screws, allowing for some free movement, which is good for the ski´s flex pattern. Why? If it didn´t allow the ski to freely bend, it wouldn´t work as it is meant to and a portion of the ski would then be useless. On top, we find the SPX 12 Maxflex binding from Look with an 3.5-12 DIN range and 80mm. brake.

If you like powerful skiing and you wish for as many twists as possible enjoying the liveness of a pair of skis, the Dynastar Speed Omeglass Pro R20 Racing is one of your best bets. Enjoy it.


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