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The Dynastar Speed Omeglass Fluid is the second step and also the access point into the Dynastar SL offer. With an identical sidecut to his elder brother, the Dynastar Speed Omeglass Pro R20 Racing (119 – 67 – 102 mm), the Dynastar Speed Omeglass Fluid has a wider client scope in mind. The size offering is wider and it goes from the shortest size at 155cm. to the longest one at 172cm., through the 160 and 165cm. sizes.


Dynastar Speed Omeglass Fluid © Skis Rossignol SAS

Dynastar Speed Omeglass Fluid
© Skis Rossignol SAS

The construction method employed is identical in both SL models but with some important differences. The Dynastar Speed Omeglass Fluid is intended to cover a wider client scope, and so its reactions are smoother and the ski has a less livelier behaviour. However, don´t be fooled. This is still a ski in the Race range. The ski core is made of a wood laminate covered by fibre and metal layers. The Dynastar Speed Omeglass Fluid, compared to the SL flagship model, has less of those. The outcome leaves the ski lighter by 205gr. (half a pound) in each ski. A significant reduction of 400gr. (one pound) for the pair. As a result, they are easier to move from edge to edge and more controllable and accurate in general. However, those looking for strong emotions should look at its elder brother.

How is this different result achieved is something only Dynastar knows. It could be just a reduction in the metal layers thickness, but that would lead to a livelier ski. So it is at least a reduction in both elements, since metal layers are used to smooth the sharp reactions from the chemical fibres. And it could also be due to a thinner wood core, or even a shorter one. There is only one way to discover that. To cut them in half. Don´t worry, no skis will be harmed this time.

Look NX 12 B80 Fluid Binding © Skis Rossignol SAS

Look NX 12 B80 Fluid Binding
© Skis Rossignol SAS

There is also another difference and that falls on to the interface and binding elements. The Dynastar Speed Omeglass Fluid incorporates the NX 12 Fluid B80, which is not as racy as the R20 Racing plate. It makes the ski easier to bend, so you won’t need to generate big inertia in order to make it work properly. And it perfectly suits this ski´s target.

Some of you might be wondering: “is this really my ski?”. I´ll try to help you with that question. If you’re looking for a Slalom profile ski but you really want to enjoy all day long skiing, this can be one of your best choices. Well performed Slalom turns require more than a decent physical condition, high skiing skills and the will to be up front all the time, to give it all. And that is a very demanding type of skiing. But you don’t have to leave it behind. With skis like the Dynastar Speed Omeglass Fluid you can be the king of the Slalom turns when you choose to, while keeping your breath in a comfortable ratio when you slow down the rhythm. Your legs won´t burn that much, and whenever you want, you’ll be able to go for a super-comfortable medium radius turns.


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