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The Fischer RC4 Worldcup SC is one of the best known skis around the globe from Fischer. And it is one of the oldest designs in Fischer as well as in the whole industry. And there is a very good reason for that. If it works and it works well, why change it?

As for this season´s model if features the following technologies: Sandwich Sidewall Construction, Beech Poplar Wood Core, Air Carbon TI 0.8, Hole Ski Technology (if a hole can be considered something beyond its own empty nature), Racetrack, World Cup Tuning and Sintered Bases. So… despite enumerating how many ideas and materials are behind the ski’s construction, there are not may “techs” in there. That said, all marketing departments deserve some love and this is no exception. At least this particular one is based on reality and facts, something we all should appreciate as users.

Fischer RC4 Worldcup SC © Fischer Sports GmbH

Fischer RC4 Worldcup SC
© Fischer Sports GmbH

The size offering covers many profiles, being the shortest one 150 cm and the longest one 170 cm. Every 5 cm in between those figures you have a new size. The sidecut is 122–68–103 mm. A deep one which results in a 13 m radius at the 165 cm size. And yes, the Fischer RC4 Worldcup SC is the Slalom ski for the masses from Fischer. And it has not changed that much through the years. It didn´t have a hole, now it has one. It incorporated some “cascade” layer style at the tip in the middle of the 2000’s decade, now it doesn´t. But overall it´s pretty much the same design with some minor adjustments on different years. And this means the Fischer RC4 Worldcup SC is always a safe bet.

On the snow it feels good, solid, easy to get into the turn, with a remarkable but not extreme rebound. Maneuverable, although once on the edge you´re in and there is no way back, not without some tip rebounds as a signal of complaint. If you want to slide the tail, you´ll notice that it is not that easy to release that edge from keeping to cut the snow. It´s not very stubborn but you´ll feel it. The only way to get rid of this feeling is having an accurate technique as well as strength and determination in all your movements. Ski hard with clear ideas. Be aware that if you push hard enough (and that is quite hard, frankly), you´ll be literally launched in the air, next stop the next turn. So be ready or you will soon be turned backwards trying to recover the control you had just half a second before. Linking short sharp carved turns with the Fischer RC4 Worldcup SC is a piece of cake. Once you´ve skied this ski for some time, you´ll notice the tip is a bit lighter and softer than what you thought it was at the beginning. Then you´ll be pushing the envelope. And having some fun!


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