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A good portion of what’s been written for the iSupershape Speed also applies on the Head iSupershape Titan. Its brilliant behavior on the piste and ease at linking turns must be highlighted, although the oversize of its shape is noticeable. It feels somewhat “bigger” under the foot. Without a weighing scale, it is hard to say if it’s heavier than the Speed model, but chances are it is.

In relation to last season’s model, almost nothing has changed. The 2014-2015 ski comes from the same mold and it features the same technologies from last season such as the KERS, the Race Structured UHM C Base, the WC sandwich cap construction and the Speed Rocker. Following their marketing tradition, Head insists on trying to convince us that they use revolutionary techniques -KERS, computer chips, now the ERA 3.0- from other fields even though they don’t make any sense in the actual performance. Head is a great manufacturer that makes very good sport products and they don’t need to treat their clients as if they were little children.

Head iSupershape Titan © Head - HTM Sport GmbH

Head iSupershape Titan © Head – HTM Sport GmbH

Facing a decent steep off-piste run where the snow was composed by some soft and easy parts in combination with some windpacked sections, the Head iSupershape Titan had a good behavior. I didn’t notice any hooks or any sink intention as any other narrower skis could have had. However, we shouldn’t be mistaken. This is not a mid-fat or fat ski. In a bumpy section, it didn’t show truly bad manners but it felt a bit revolved because of the rebounds. That’s not its natural terrain.

Its place is the groomed slopes, but I am convinced that you can face any run covered by less than a foot of fresh powder easily and having lots of fun. Beyond that, there are much better options. On groomed surfaces the edge engages instantly, as well as the edge shifting from side to side. The sidecut difference of 1cm between the Head iSupershape Speed and the Head iSupershape Titan is unnoticed if we ski fast and powerfully. But if we ski relaxed and calmly, we will appreciate there is more wood under the foot, and this will be translated into a better steering/sliding control.

Head PRD 14 Binding © Head - HTM Sport GmbH

Head PRD 14 Binding © Head – HTM Sport GmbH

As it also happens in the iSupershape Speed, there is some disconnection between the tip and the rest if we ski regularly. For the vast majority of skiers this will remain unnoticed, but those who are experienced skiers should keep this in mind. Attacking the beginning of the turns with a more forwarded position will let us get all the juice, while linking short and medium radius turns on the edge. Rhythm changes are accomplished in the blink of an eye. At the same time, I was also surprised at how much you can reduce the radius of a turn with this ski. But its natural radius is medium turns where we can ski effortlessly, having the feeling of a nice sharp cut on the snow and good aplomb in the whole curve arc as well.

It is quite similar to the iSupershape Speed model, but it pretends to be a better ski out of the groomed terrain. It is, but its main focus is still on the piste. We’ll be able to face runs out of the trails comfortably if the snow’s depth is under a foot. Beyond that, we can ski them too. But there are better options for those circumstances. The gain of the Head iSupershape Titan compared to the iSupershape Speed is its outstanding extra capabilities.

We will distinguish the Head iSupershape Titan from the other iSupershape models by the color of the big, racy stripe at the front of the ski, which is blue. The model’s name is also printed at the back with more readable letters than last year. The background is in black as in the rest of the range, which make it look sporty and elegant in an agressive way.


Technical Specifications

Length (cm) 177 170 163 156
Tip (mm) 134 133 132 131
Waist (mm)   81   80   79   79
Tail (mm) 112 111 110 109
Radius (m)   15.5   14.3   13.1   11.9

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