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The middle way can be a good solution to our problems. Specially where the possible solutions are opposite to each other, exclude one another or are too specific. And this is precisely the way the Stöckli Laser AX takes, successfully becoming a brilliant solution for those who are looking for just one pair of skis to face every situation they may find on their favourite mountain.

Yes, the Stöckli Laser AR has now been rebranded as the Stöckli Laser AX for this 2014-2015 season. One letter “changes” all. Not really. The ski basically comes from the same mold. If something works beautifully, why change it? The technologies are the same and it still works like a charm.

Stöckli Laser AX © Stöckli Swiss Sports AG

Stöckli Laser AX
© Stöckli Swiss Sports AG

The high-end all rounders usually score high in all the measurable parameters, but they cannot be highlighted at any of them in particular. The exception confirms the rule. The Stöckli Laser AX’s medium radius turn is just spectacular, mind-boggling.

The remaining range of radius is also well tackled, too. In long turns, it has enough stability at high speeds even though it’s not a GS. Indeed, unlike many skis of this type, it doesn’t round the turn by cutting it at all. And we will be grateful for this when skiing fast. But, if all we want to do is practice short turns, we will discover its hidden reactivity. Although the Stöckli Laser AX is not a proper SL ski, it feels balanced in all circumstances, cutting the snow on the edge or when steering/sliding.

© Stöckli Swiss Sports AG

© Stöckli Swiss Sports AG

Another remarkable feature is its dual personality. There are two gears in this ski. One for messing around and the other for skiing at full throtle. Neither of them will let us down. And this is precisely how every allrounder ski should feel like, specially in the high-end range where this model fits in.

It’s not just an allrounder because of the general behavior and its duality. Being multiporpuse also means responding appropriately according to the degree of demand. And last but not least, the reactions in different terrains. Its width -specially in the waist- will let us ski perfectly on powder and pivot on top of the bumps too.

It’s hard to find allrounders that combine all aspects so well and feel so balanced. Stöckli has achieved it with the Stöckli Laser AX model.

If the rebranding of the ski didn’t bring any changes in its behavior or performance (fortunately), the new design is less dark. Stöckli’s design team has brought some light to the AR. I mean… the AX. The black is still there, but white color has replaced the red notes of the past. There is some new yellow added to the mix decorating the tip and the tail. Finally, an “X” dresses these parts giving the ski a new pattern and a complete new appearance. It looks fresh, new, modern and powerful.

The Stöckli Laser AX is a great polyvalent ski. Engineers have found an ideal equilibrium between various needs and purposes. There is not much room for improvement left, but we’ll see in upcoming seasons.


Technical Specifications

Length (cm) 183 175 167 159
Tip (mm) 123 123 123 123
Waist (mm)   78   78   78   78
Tail (mm) 110 110 109 109
Radius (m)   17.5   15.8   14.4   12.9

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  1. oboe says:

    Albert, this is a very useful review and much appreciated. Please include me in this community!

  2. Victor says:

    Thank you Albert! Are there any updates to the Laser AX for 2016/2017?

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