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SEASON  2014-2015  UPDATE

As for this next 2014-2015 season, the Vist Cross Over Two has been discontinued. Take a look at the new Vist Collection by clicking here.


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In the 2011-2012 season’s test that I wrote for a popular Spanish website, I described the Vist Cross Over Two as the wolf and the lamb put together. And I just can say that the difference with the 12-13 (as well as the 13-14) models is that the wolf has been completely unleashed. The reason can be found in the proper and well measured incorporation of the rocker technology. That shovel can literally eat whatever it may found. It doesn’t care if the snow is hard, soft, deep or melt. The wolf is always hungry.


© Vist

© Vist


The obedience comes straightforward without delays. Whatever you may ask, it just happens. And if what you asked for is wrong, be aware. The pressure adjustments are quickly transmitted. So my best advice is telling you not to push this ski hard on your first runs. The manufacturer itself claims tha same on its website:


No limit carving – Caution: Only for experts.


The lamb: if you’re looking for a modern shaped ski (oversized as this one at 131-77-111mm ) and excellent behaviour, the Vist Cross Over Two is your ski. Maybe it is the one you will need more runs to adapt to, but once that period has been overcome you’ll realize what’s really in your hands.

It’s got an excellent medium radius turn, easy, soft and noble. The edge shift is a bit slower compared to other skis, although the COTwo hides one surprise (I’ll explain later). If we allow the ski to dictate us the radius and tempo, we’ll find ourselves performing nice rounded medium radius turns effortlessly. It is incredibly easy to ski that way with the Vist Cross Over Two since it requires nearly no physical effort to maneuver it. All this happens while you’re accelerating as the turns come by, and consequently it is easy to find ourselves skiing faster than what we planned without noticing.

We will also be able to widen the turns, although we should keep in mind it has a natural tendency of shortening them. Therefore its strong points, as for the radius, are the medium and short turns. I couldn’t test the long size of 176cm and it is quite probably more polyvalent than this one, improving its flotation out of the grooms as well as the behavior in long radius turns.

Testing the Vist COT - © SkiReviewer

Testing the Vist COT – © SkiReviewer

The wolf: in the lines above, we’ve been speaking of letting the ski dictate the path and the rhythm. But if we become active skiers we’d better be aware and keep all our systems up and ready. This ski can become a beast if we wish it to. In short, we can say the Vist Cross Over Two has a “mirror effect”. Everything we put on the ski, it will bring it back. No more, no less. You want it, you have it. Therefore, you’d better be awake and ready. After linking some amazing short turns at a really fast pace, I was literally launched through the air like if I were sitting on top of a Nasa’s Saturn V rocket. What happened was that I made one turn where there wasn’t room for making not even half. Soft re-entering, perfect landing and welcome back! It’s just unbelieveable how fast the edge shifting feels when actively skiing. Just the opposite of skiing slowly.

To conclude, the Vist Cross Over Two is a beast with a collar. But a beast at the end. Only high skilled skiers will benefit from its character. And one nice feature is its behaviour while skiing softly, everything happens effortlessly. However, when we decide to rip into the slopes, we’ll be able to just like a hungry wolf would.


Technical Specifications

Length (cm) 176 164 158
Tip (mm) 131 131 131
Waist (mm)   77   77   77
Tail (mm) 111 111 111
Radius (m)   15   13   11

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