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The Blizzard WRC Racing S + Power 14 TCX (flat with plate, as said in the brand’s brochure to give it an even longer name) is the second GS-like ski in the Blizzard’s Race range. It is quite similar to its brother, the Blizzard WRC Racing WC Piston. It is a more comfortable ski in an everyday use condition, although one should keep in mind this is still a demanding ski with a quite noticeable racing touch.

The size offer comes in four lenghts, going from 167cm for the shortest to 182cm for the longest, through 172cm and 176cm lengths as the intermediates. If we compare the Blizzard WRC Racing S + Power 14 TCX to its “older” brother, we’ll see the 167cm and the 172cm lengths are the new additions here, and the 186cm is the missing one.

Blizzard WRC Racing S + Power 14 TCX © Blizzard - Tecnica Group S.p.A.

Blizzard WRC Racing S + Power 14 TCX © Blizzard – Tecnica Group S.p.A.

The similarity is their sidecut profile, which is almost identical. Every size has a slight difference of just 1mm. The construction method, materials, distribution, etc. are also very similar. It is easy to question at this point what is the main difference between the two top Blizzard race models. And it falls down to the interface between the boot and the ski, the plate.

The Blizzard WRC Racing WC Piston, as its name states, uses the World Cup Piston Control plate. The reviewed model, the Blizzard WRC Racing S + Power 14 TCX, doesn’t, and instead of that it looks like it is using the 12.0 Glide Control D System, although it´s not that clear in the Blizzard´s brochure nor in Marker´s. The number 14 in the binding itself adds some confusion to the mix, since the DIN should be 14, although there is no Marker binding available today with that top DIN figure. Blizzard and Marker have been partners for a long time, so it’s easy to think of an special model dedicated to Blizzard or even just a naming convention difference. I bet for the first one, though.

Marker 12.0 Glide Control D System Plate © Marker Völkl International GmbH

Marker 12.0 Glide Control D System Plate
© Marker Völkl International GmbH

The WC Piston Control plate is a derivative from the one used in the World Cup circuit. It is a very well designed plate, but dedicated only to the very top race skis / skiers. It allows the ski to freely flex under pressure, and at the same time it perfectly transmits all the skier’s actions onto the ski. But this comes at a price, since this plate adds some stiffness to the whole pack and therefore it is only indicated for dynamic skiers and situations that allow it. It makes no sense to use this ski while teaching or just messing around.

So here comes the interesting bit to the Blizzard WRC Racing S + Power 14 TCX. Its surname, + Power 14 TCX, should be telling us what interface it uses. Once in your hands, you´ll see it incorporates Marker´s 12.0 Glide Control D System plate. It is a lighter plate than the WC Piston, easier to flex, thinner, etc., but at the same time it is a high performance plate. And overall, it makes the ski easier to bend while keeping it precise and nimble. This is a very good choice if performance is a must for you while not having to ski like if you were in WC race model at every turn. But don’t be confused, this is not a ski for everyone. You are still skiing almost the same profile as in the top model, and that will be apparent.


One comment on “Test Blizzard WRC Racing S + Power 14 TCX

  1. Tom M says:

    I believe the confusion with the name comes from the fact that original versions of this ski came with Marker’s Comp 14.0 Piston Control Turbo bindings which used a small cylinder of hydraulic fluid underfoot for dampening. I the Blizzard version it’s labelled as Power 14.0 TCX

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